Seroxat litigation in the UK – important news

The High Court action against Glaxo isn’t quite over.

There were 500 litigants to start with. This number dropped to about 150.

These 150 people received a letter recently.

And today, I have been sent a copy of this email:

Hi All, If you haven’t already, please can you get in touch with Sarah-Jane Richards at Secure Law to confirm you want to continue in the action and you are happy for her to represent you.  You need to do this and previous correspondence will not count as this involves the instruction of a new law firm…we really need strength in numbers.  Please can you also confirm if you are happy for your email to be added to her list and advise if you are still taking Seroxat and if you are on benefits.

If you’ve got the letter, you’ve got the link.

Use it.

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19 Responses to “Seroxat litigation in the UK – important news”

  1. Seeq Says:

    Pls tell me what this is about in the uk in regards to seroxat as I used to take it after losing my father.

    • caroline boucher Says:

      hi just found this blogg
      i took seroxat for 6 months
      i felt even worse than the anxiety state i was prescribed it for
      (my hasband of 28 years left me for the younger uglier model )
      i ended up in the first month having chest pains which turned out to be a faulty t wave on the electrocardiogram
      no expanation what it was doing to my heart just oh goodness we will have to put you on atenalol and isosorbide mononitrate and aspirin . and see a cariologist who said i had a perfectly good heart
      i was in complete overdrive could not seem to shut down from a constant adrenaline rush which was fueled by seroxat as far as im concered not my situation
      usually when your hyped up because of something you eventually calm down when the noradrenaline kicks in not for me it didnt i was on a massive rollercoaster of symptoms and emotions
      i did calm down one on the molitove cocktail of drugs and got my self a new job and back to work within 4 months
      however ii started to choke on nothing and when i drunk something it went down the wrong hole my eppiglottis seemed to open and shut the wrong way round i think
      also got the tardive diskinesia in my face so was advised by my boss a chief pharmacist to come of it
      so went on to citalopram another amazing world of hurt in a box
      all the usual sweating feeling crap then the best part my short term memory went big time withing two weeks
      i could not function to cut a long story short i had to leave my job as i was went from a good technician to a doolally crap one making massive mistakes
      12 years later and no long intaking any crap drugs i still have memory problems
      and have devolped lupus not sure if there is any link with ssris and autoimmune issues
      i would never take any of this crap if i new then what i know now
      at the most vulernable time in my life i put my trust in doctors and pharmiceutical companies and this is how im left
      would love feed back from someone who knows these drugs and there issues
      kind regards caroline

  2. Dan Says:

    I’ve Been on seroxat for 12 years..i never see myself coming off it..last time was a complete mess up..and am now on double what i was before…regarding the court case..i was with another lawyer a few years ago but the case was dropped and i lost quite a bit of money…

  3. vwilson506vickiwilson23 Says:


    Not sure if any one can help me as i am hitting my head against a brick wall, My partner has been on these tablets since 1998 and is treated for OCD. However over the last 10 years he has major rages, sleeps for days on end, has no motivation to do any thing he hasent worked now for nearly 1.5 years because of these out bursts and rages. So i took him to the doctor as I had enough and they sent him to see the mental health team at the mental hospital and now they have said he has a personiality disorder and have put him on more drugs however I am convinced its his seroxat which bring on these rages. Please can any one point me in the right direction and HELP??? as my doctors wont listern to me

    • admin Says:

      Maybe you could contact Dr David Healy…?

      There’s a link on my blogroll on the right hand side of the blog.

      I’m not sure if he would be able to help, but perhaps.

  4. Chris Says:

    I’ve been taking Seroxat for 24 yrs, since I was 16…in November 2012..the tablets seemed to become no longer effective, my GP says that my body has become immune to the drug! However, coming off the drug is intensely debilitating! I have had to hand in my notice for my job of 8 yrs, apply for a DRO(Debt Relief Order), move back home with my parents! I’m suffering every known withdrawal symptom and feel like my life may have been ruined by this awful drug! Help!!! Glaxo Smithkline must be held accountable! Are there any litigation groups/Advise that you could offer me as I am at my wits end!!!

    • karl Says:

      Hi Chris how are you feeling now i am going through a similar ordeal after taking them 13 years the symptoms are hell i have the odd good day have been off them now for 18 months and still dont feel anything like i did before i took them be interested to hear how your getting on mate cant belive how bad this drug is ;0)

  5. Clayre Louise Thomas Says:

    Hi I have been taking seroxat for nearly 2 decades and have tried and failed many times to wean off as the withdrawal effects are horrendous!! I have many unexplained health problems and also lost a baby boy few years back to a heart defect which I strongly believe is attributed to taking seroxat? Theres so much more I cant actualy go into on here that I blame this drug for ;( I feel I have lost years of my life thanks to seroxat not to mention friends and even family members :( I’m at a point now where I really want to put a case on the makers and marketers

    • Clayre Louise Thomas Says:

      Dont know where to go or where to start as I have never taken any1 to court and certainly such a big drug company :( but I want my case heard and for somebody to admit liability? It wont bring back my son and the years ive lost to this drug but I need the world to hear the truth about seroxat once and for all!!!!!

      • Chris Says:

        Hi Clayre, my name is Chris I posted a comment ref my 25 yrs on seroxat in May (see Above) get in touch with me to see if there is anything we can do! Email is would be happy to talk with you directly….Chris R

  6. Lucy Ingham Says:

    a good website is
    There is a really good printable sheet of advice which I personally found very helpful during the first 12-18 months. I’ve heard it can take years & not to expect to be the same person again…see also &

  7. kizz Says:

    I have been on Seroxat for 13.5 years. I started on a dose of 20mg prescribed for panic attacks.
    5 years ago during pregnancy I made efforts to reduce my dose. The withdrawal symptoms were debilitating and I struggled to stay at 5mg per day Seroxat throughout the pregnancy.
    I tolerated a dose of 7.5mg without symptoms for nearly 4 years post pregnancy but dropping to 5mg 6 months ago seems to have confirmed the critical dose at which I experience electric zaps …a crawling sensation across my upper back and giddiness/shaky and a general increase in anxiety like symptoms.
    Missing just one 5mg dose recently reduced me to extreme weakness in my legs and shakiness with visual disturbance and giddiness, upset stomach and fear, that I honestly thought something far worse was about to happen. It took over three hours to subside and the loss of confidence about my own ability to manage such symptoms has left me actually feeling I need to revert to 7.5mg.
    This drug served me well initially but created its own set of problems…not least high cholesterol levels!
    Has anyone remained on 5mg and experienced extreme weakness etc described above after missing just one dose…it seems an extreme response given how little I now GP feigned total ignorance leaving me even more worried….but having read this sites comments I am beginning to think it has been the Seroxat ??

    best wishes to everyone

  8. mully1 Says:

    I tried to email Dr Sarah-Jane Richards at Secure Law to no avail. Anyone else? Are claims dead in the water?

    • jojo Says:

      I am experiencing horrific withdrawal symptoms. If I miss even one dose I am plunged into vile withdrawal. I am reducing the amount now to 15mgs a day but feel sick and my sister thinks I am more anxious and forgetful since starting the treatment. I would welcome being part of the litigation if it is still happening.

  9. Paul Hamilton Says:

    Hi I never thought of legal issues until recently as I was a soldier and used to just getting on. I have been taking seroxat for 19 years and at present on a dose of 60 mg per day. Over the years I have gone through at least four periods of withdrawal with nasty side effects ranging from panic attacks to high body temp with heavy sweats. I take my tablets every morning when I take my pain medication. I have wrote a list of side effects which is very long and contains things like suicide attempts, confusion, crying and sexual dysfunction. I really need some advice about getting put right as well as compensation for all the rest for which I am sorry for what my family have to go through with my mood swings and suicide issues. Is it correct that no-one can sue Glaxosmithkline for this drug ? if that is correct then our democracy is in the toilet as well as the economy, or is it some politician is a bit richer. All I know is that there are other’s like me and we are not being treated fairly. I know we could sue the doctors but at the end of the day most doctors try their best for their patients.
    I now think we all need to stand together and say no you hurt us and made money doing so, we want you to say sorry as it is not like you gave us a bloody nose, you drove people to suicide and hurting themselves. leaving families hurting seeing their people go through hell of withdrawal and watch as they take the tablets that could in all possibility drive them so mad in their heads and bodies that the only way to stop it is by taking their own lives. I know this as I am considering it while I type as the pressure in my head and neck is hurting me as well as the spasms running down my legs. If there is any legal people out there I am sure this is a case you could win as nearly all cases are documented evidence in a doctors office. Like the medics I would think the drug companies have a policy


    Take care all you fellow sufferers and I wish you well in the near future.

    • joanne allsopp Says:

      Hi there,
      How do I get in touch with Sarah – Jane Richards?
      I am a sufferer and would like to know more but I don’t have her email.
      Thank you,
      Joanne Allsopp 💊

      Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 10:01:08 +0000

      • Paul Hamilton Says:

        hi joanne
        I have found a email address
        I do not know if she still works there but I am trying to track her down as I think she may be our best hope for some type of reconpence. please keep going youself and I really feel for you. If I do find her I will guide her to this site but keep trying to find someone and if you do put the details on this site for everyone else and I will do the same,
        ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE. a bit cheesy but it may make you smile.
        Take care everyone and keep up the fight for the right to boogy.

  10. Jasna Prosenica Says:

    I ask myself again why this group exist as nobody is taking action…I was over 15 years on seroxat and sedatives and
    when decided to help others and go in air and talk about my experience and side effects as well how i helped myself nobody was interested so this is all just for show……they know that we exist but they don’t care as we are just ordinary human beings….

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