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I’ve just seen this particular post. It makes for terrible reading and makes a mockery of Dr Alastair Benbow, The Head of European Clinical Psychiatry at the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, when he denies claims that Seroxat could be responsible for violence in users, saying there was no “reliable clinical evidence that Seroxat causes violence, aggression or homicide”.

Just scroll down the list and read a few stories then tell me that nothing’s wrong and SSRIs are ‘safe’.

Why won’t Glaxo do any reasearch into the possibility that Seroxat can cause violence, aggression, suicide or homicide and that some people (35% and rising) have terrible problems withdrawing from the drug?

Maybe they already know the truth.

If you want to have a look at just how unconvincing Benbow really is then go here and watch the video.


One Response to “And another site of special interest”

  1. Jack Spratt Says:

    My husband was prescribed Seroxat for mild depression and was on them for about four years. Initially, within first three weeks they appeared to help him but then his behaviour changed. He became irritable, aggressive, and violent. His judgement and response to minor problems became exaggerated. All in all he was frightening to live with. Once he stopped taking the medication he became more calm. I have never liked this drug even before I had heard of doubts over its efficacy.

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