Eli Lilly settles Zyprexa claims

Drug maker Eli Lilly and Co. said today, just a few hours ago, it will settle more liability lawsuits for its anti-psychotic medication Zyprexa for less than $500 million.

In June 2005, Lilly settled more than 8,000 similar claims for a little less than $700 million.

“While we remain confident that these claims are without merit, we took this difficult step because we believe it is in the best interest of the company, the patients who depend on this medication, and their physicians,” said Sidney Taurel, chief executive and chairman, in a statement.

And I’m sure it had nothing to do with the New York Times articles and the leaking across the internet of the secret Lilly marketing documents contained in the ‘ZyprexaKills’ file…..

Nothing at all.


4 Responses to “Eli Lilly settles Zyprexa claims”

  1. paula Says:

    You’re right, I reckon too that it couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with the recent spotlight, thats as obvious as it that there’s ‘no merit to the claims’ which is why they pay out all that money – just for the fun of it, for no obvious reason, none at all, just generosity 🙂

  2. paula Says:

    PS, I’m glad to see it was a “difficult step” for Lilly, but it’ll never be as difficult for them as it must be for those who became diabetic because Eli Lilly did their best to hide that risk. Or for the elderly whose doctors were persuaded to prescribe zyprexa which, though Lilly failed to point it out, increases the risk of death.

  3. Bob Fiddaman Says:

    Seems the lawyers have now served injunctions on owners of websites/blogs who are trying to disseminate information on the latest case!

    America… Land of the Free!

  4. Daniel Haszard Says:

    A big hurdle with the Zyprexa issue is Lilly’s credibility over their continuous PR on how they are going to pay out $1.2 billion in damages.As long as they keep up this rhetoric and don’t actually pay the issue won’t go away.

    Think about the need to ‘put their money where their mouth is’.

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