Corruption? Glaxo? FDA?

Film maker Phil Lawrence was at the FDA’s hearing to review the suicidality risks in adults using SSRIs before Xmas.

Something wasn’t right though – says Phil: “…it was excruciating to watch and listen to the testimonies from the families and relatives who lost loved ones to suicide. It wasn’t excruciating because of the stories – those were brutal and heart wrenching. It was excruciating because of the way the panel of experts and members of the FDA treated them – it was as if they all put up a shield to keep from getting emotional. But why? What’s wrong with getting emotional? I couldn’t understand – why wouldn’t they look at them? Why wouldn’t they listen to what these people have to say? It was beyond rude – it was cold-hearted – dismissive.”

Well, I can tell you why one committee member wouldn’t look at them – Dr Bruce Pollock is a long time friend of GlaxoSmithKline. Just have a look at the link here.



2 Responses to “Corruption? Glaxo? FDA?”

  1. sisiphus Says:

    Thank you again for further illuminating posts on the murky darkness that is Big Pharma. You have led me to another interesting blog (Uncomfortably Numb) that shows just how Comfortablynumb these experts and FDA members have become.


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