Getting to the bottom of the Serotonin mystery…

The latest post on Bob Fiddaman’s excellent SEROXAT SUFFERERS – STAND UP AND BE COUNTED is very illuminating indeed.. or rather it isn’t… have a look here.

A Doctor tells us “that Serotonin cannot be measured and instead ‘experts’ must estimate the level of Serotonin in the brain by it’s impact and influence on recognized and connected systems… Changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, body temperature, etc. are recognized to reflect low levels of brain Serotonin – something confirmed by PET scans. Flu-like symptoms and dehydration are associated with too much brain Serotonin.” Sounds like some doctors are still preaching the Gospel according to Big Pharma.

But happily some aren’t: Professor David Healy says “there are no studies proving that serotonin levels have anything to do with depression.” and “The serotonin theory of depression is comparable to the masturbatory theory of insanity.”

But let’s not let facts (or the lack of them) get in the way of a great marketing campaign shall we… even though GSK now admit that “It is not fully understood how Seroxat and other SSRIs work…”

I guess it’s OK for Glaxo to admit this now – Seroxat has already earned them £billions over the years – and they don’t need to apply to get the drug licensed anymore.


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