Why won’t you help us, Glaxo?

I’ve wondered this for quite a long time now – why won’t you help us, Glaxo?

I think we can safely say that a lot of people have trouble withdrawing from Seroxat. Today’s best advice if you are experiencing difficulties is to wean yourself off the drug VERY slowly (in my case I took 22 months to reduce from a daily dose of 30mg to nothing).

So many of us have to wean off the drug using such very small reductions that I have to say that the only practical way to do it is to use the liquid version of Seroxat (yes, it does exist). You have to be aware that the liquid is in fact ‘double strength’ – ie 10mls of the liquid is equivalent to 20mg in tablet form. Some doctors don’t like to prescribe the liquid version simply because it is so very expensive and some don’t even know there is a liquid version.

As only 30mg and 20mg tablets are available, the only other way to try and take smaller doses is buy a tablet cutter or shave off pieces with a razor blade – not really recommended.

Glaxo could help so many people by simply making Seroxat tablets in smaller doses – 10mg and 5mg tablets would allow for much easier and more controlled withdrawal. For some people even this would not be enough (I was a case in point). The answer here would be to simply cut the price of the liquid version and make it more generally available.

My question to Glaxo is simple and direct – why won’t you do these things?

So, why won’t you help us Glaxo?


3 Responses to “Why won’t you help us, Glaxo?”

  1. Bob Fiddaman Says:

    Help by GSK would be an admittance of guilt on their part.

    The only solace us mere mortals can get is through the courts.


  2. RB Says:

    GSK will not help people to withdraw becuase that would be validating their withdrawal symtoms, they would rather let Seroxat users and dependents die or be crippled by withdrawal than hinder their profit machine….

  3. admin Says:

    RB – that’s EXACTLY the case.

    They don’t care about the people who are suffering at all

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