Eli Lilly still squirming over Zyprexa

I understand now – Eli Lilly is worried about its trade secrets being revealed – it is trying to stop its secret Zyprexa documents becoming (even more) public because “The materials at issue here are subject to a valid protective order under Rule 26(c)(7) for trade secrets and other confidential information, and thus irreparable harm will result in the absence of an injunction.”

Since when did teaching sales reps how to convince doctors to prescribe drugs off-label, for uses never intended, become a trade secret?

And since when is it a trade secret for a company to conceal the lethal side effects of a drug for 10 years, knowing full well that millions of people are at risk of being injured or killed?

We will know more later today (2.00pm in New York) when everyone’s back in court for the next round of watching Lilly squirm.

Here is an article by Evelyn Pringle which describes details how desperate the giant drug company is to hide the truth.


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