See you in the High Court, Glaxo! – 2

You know maybe we won’t see Glaxo in the High Court after all…

As I’ve said before, looking at Glaxo’s involvement in the legal system over just the last five years reveals a clear pattern of habitual corruption. However, although Glaxo has paid billions of dollars in accumulated fines, penalties and awards to plaintiffs in civil cases, not one company official has been arrested and charged with a crime.

The reason why?

Glaxo settles all the civil cases brought against it before they come to court… not surprisingly, in every case it settles, the company refuses to accept any liability and continues to deny all of the allegations in each suit.

It then gags the plaintiffs and prevents all the documents it can from coming into public view (see here for some documents Glaxo failed to keep hidden.)

Take a look here for a reminder from Evelyn Pringle of the way Glaxo operates.

So what are you going to do in the UK, then Glaxo? – drag it out for as long as you can then settle (for peanuts) out of court and try to keep things quiet?

And of course, all the time denying anything’s wrong and it’s not your fault.


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