A perfect storm

Film maker Phil Lawrence sums up the whole thing so well.

“I’m starting to think that antidepressants are like the ‘perfect storm’ – everything came together to create the ultimate moneymaker. You’ve got the perfect consumers – people who desperately want and need help. You’ve got the perfect illness – one that cannot be scientifically proven and is subjectively diagnosed. You’ve got the perfect marketing scheme – huge advertising campaigns in magazines and on television that play directly on the consumer’s fears and desires to get better. And, you’ve got the perfect pushers – government regulators and a professional community that have bought into the whole thing hook, line and sinker. The result of this perfect storm is a tremendous amount of power and influence that allows the industry to keep the wave rolling.

It’s intimidating – and a little overwhelming to actually fight the storm and try to get someone to listen – or make a change, or for that matter, tell the truth – but at this point, what other choice do we have?”

No choice at all.


3 Responses to “A perfect storm”

  1. allotmentjunkies Says:


    thats a powerful quote that sent shivers down my spine. I agree although it sometimes feels that no-one is listening, but I ain’t gonna stop telling as many people as I can about what is going on. You have a great blog – keep up the good work.
    best wishes

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Keener.

    Can I just say that anyone who posts a video of themselves ‘allotmenteering’ with a rotavator gets my vote!

    Good luck

    Don’t forget Panorama Monday 29 BBC One 20.30

  3. seroxat secrets… I’m not buying it. Not any more. « Says:

    […] the nail on the head with his writing (I’ve previously posted other articles of his such as A Perfect Storm and Corruption? Glaxo? […]

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