…And what Glaxo said in 2003

And this from a Panorama interview in April 2003 (full transcript here).

SHELLEY JOFRE: …And you still think that the drug [SEROXAT] could be safe for children?

Dr ALASTAIR BENBOW Head of European Psychiatry , GlaxoSmithKline
Absolutely. It could be. We haven’t got a license in children yet. I feel sorry for anybody who has any side effects from treatment or indeed has experienced the terrible symptoms of depression. We are trying to help people. The evidence, however, is clear, these medicines are not linked with suicide, these medicines are not linked with an increased rate of self harm.

So the evidence was clear, was it Alastair? In 2007 we now know you have been proved wrong.

I wonder what “clear evidence” Glaxo will have us try to believe next.


One Response to “…And what Glaxo said in 2003”

  1. ian Says:

    when i was being trained as a mental health support worker 2005 i was once shown this table of medications that doctors are supposed to proscribe.

    This isn’t technically about Seroxat, but something very similar could have been happening…

    First indication of psychotic symptoms; Generic Risperidone
    continuance of psychotic symptoms; zyprexa olanzapine,
    continuance of psychotic symproms; medication review.

    sounds straightforward, but what we have is that the drugs which are the cheapest, most prolific and most ‘pushed’ by their creator companies used first, rather than doctors choosing the exact individual medications to suit patient’s needs…

    very nice Blog, 🙂 i’m glad there are ppl around trying to speak out on what the patients have been guessing at for yrs!

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