Lisa Blakemore Brown

Commenting on tonight’s Panorama programme “Secrets of the Drug Trials” the editor in chief of the British Medical Journal, Fiona Godlee writes “Panorama’s account of GlaxoSmithKline’s successful attempts to market Seroxat for use in children, despite the fact that its own published trial found evidence of serious adverse effects and failed to show benefit, is fascinating but depressingly familiar. The Vioxx story, told last week (BMJ 20 January, p 120), appears to have all the same hallmarks, including the paying of opinion leaders and ghost writers to talk up a drug when the evidence can’t speak for itself.

But what about Doctors who don’t want to tow the Big Pharma line, or worse still, find themselves at odds with the medical establishment?

Take the case of the psychologist Lisa Blakemore Brown, a specialist in Autism, ADHD & Aspergers. Blakemore Brown has been involved on the “wrong side” of the debate about the psychiatric disorder Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP), maintaining that many parents have been falsely accused of injuring their children. There have been high-profile releases from jail of women such as Angela Canning. MSbP is a disorder in which an adult invents or deliberately creates a child’s illness to draw attention to themselves. She has challenged prominent doctors such as Sir Roy Meadow and Professor David Southall who, in her view, have promulgated a wholly inappropriate approach to scientific evidence. She has irritated pharmaceutical companies. But instead of debate Lisa has encountered its very opposite. The abuse of science goes right into the heart of a prominent professional body. Her colleagues have stood by in silence.

To learn more about this case, please go to Scientific Misconduct and read in detail what the celebrated whistleblower Dr. Aubrey Blumsohn and others have to say on this worrying case.

This is about the distortion of scientific debate, most particularly by powerful forces in medicine. It is about the way in which industry, professional bodies, government regulators and powerful individuals collude to prevent scientific debate and to victimize those asking difficult questions. It is about the way those entrusted with authority behave.


7 Responses to “Lisa Blakemore Brown”

  1. Isabella Thomas Says:

    The same is happening to doctors who believe the parents and see how sick their children are.
    Children left in pain and parents having to go to America for treatment, spending thousands of pounds.
    A doctor in a top London hospital said ‘sorry’ to my son after he realised he was wrong and my son’s pain was real.
    This was after getting a second opinion from America and positive results from biopsy results. What would have happened to my son if he was left.
    Then the doctor went on to say he would have to change his criteria at the way he looked at other similar children. I do wonder if the hospital will allow him to do this?
    Our children’s cases were blocked when the legal aid commission withdrew funding. Thousands of parents with sick children from the MMR vaccine with drug companies saying it was safe. GSK one of them. Children have died and others left to suffer and not once has the medical profession looked at the children.
    I have had doctors saying to me that they believe the parents but have a mortgage to pay and cannot speak out. They see what is happening to those who do. They advise parents ‘off the record’ not to have the MMR vaccine but to get single vaccines.
    I am still hanging on in the courts but will be forced to discontinue soon without any legal help unless the Judge decides to strike me out first.
    A few of us stood proudly in the Royal Courts of Justice looking at a room full of people representing three main drug companies including Merck and GSK
    We spoke to the Judge for the first time about our children and this was after legal aid was withdrawn.
    It was the first time the Judge knew about our children’s suffering but it was too late as we had no legal help and represented our children as best we could.
    We were told that we would have to pay costs to the drug companies because we had no legal aid but we just had to let the Judge know about the injustice of our children.
    It is such an unfair fight.
    Other parents are also doing the same and we face a big bill from the drug companies on costs from the Judge in the very near future.
    We may then loose our homes etc. but will NEVER give up fighting for justice for our children.
    There just has to be a full public enquiry into the way our children’s cases were handled.
    From what we can see they were set up to fail.
    All the documentation on the drug trials etc. is there along with the expert reports but we are told they will not be made public. This is why I believe the case could not continue. The Department of Health are very much part of this and they do not want these documents to be made public, win or loose.

    I have seen most of the experts opinions etc. but am not allowed to reveal their findings. If only I could.
    I am told that the Department of Health does not have an official duty of care to our children.
    Yet we are expected to trust them having our children’s health at the top of their agenda against large drug companies marking their own homework in drug trials and looking at our children in a commercial way.
    All drug trials should be open to the public and not commercial secret with independent people looking after the interests of our children. This would make for safer vaccines and drugs etc.
    Any children damaged should get first class treatment if this is for the good of all.

  2. Dr Rita Pal Says:

    Lisa Blakemore Brown has been hounded by these various individuals at the British Psychological Society. I believe that it is important to understand the concept that regulatory bodies now have a taste for shutting down controversy by the use of mental illness. Once used, one can never get away from it. It is of course an old tool used by Stalin in Russia. Very effective when used in modern day England simply because the vast majority of the media and public refuse to acknowledge its existence.

    Of course, one could examine the regulatory bodies themselves and understand the cold calculating manner in which they deal with controversial specialists.

  3. Charles Pragnell Says:

    Lisa Blakemore Brown is an outstanding psychologist and is a leading researcher in the field of Asperger’s Syndrome. She has provided advice, support, and assistance to many hundreds of children and families in the UK at great personal cost and has spoken on their behalf in difficult Court cases and administrative tribunals. But witch-hunts do not take into account such exceptional contributions by individual professionals who act above and beyond their professional duties and the malicious, vexatious individuals who lead such witch-hunts care nothing about the harm they cause, not only to the individual professional they seek to destroy but to the children and families who receive great benefit from their services.

    Many other professionals are deeply concerned that their right to academic freedom to promote their research and to publicise their views, will be stifled if this case succeeds, if those views challenge theories which lack scientific integrity but which have become the conventional wisdoms of those professions.
    This is a situation which concerns every professional in the UK who values their right to at least a modicum of professional autonomy.

  4. Michael D Innis Says:

    I am given to understand Ms Lisa Blakemore Brown is to appear before you on some disciplinary matter in connection with her views on the Munchausen Syndrome or similar matter

    Having seen the work of Ms Lisa Blakemore Brown and consulted with her on her visit to Australia I wish to record I have great respect for the work she is doing in this area.

    It may be recalled that since she visited Australia and spoke at a Conference in Sydney there has been a change in the Law in Queensland – no longer do the Courts recognize a diagnosis of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and this will no doubt be copied in other Jurisdictions.

    Ms Lisa Blakemore Brown is probably the only member of the British Psychological Society recognized world wide for her outstanding work on Autism. It would be shameful if any disciplinary action is taken against her for holding the views she does.

    Academic freedom is the lifeblood of progress in Science.

    Yours truly,

    Michael D Innis MBBS; DTM&H; FRCPA; FRCPath

  5. Dr Rita Pal Says:

    The British Psychological Society – The Secret Brotherhood

    Scandal has hit the once quiet British Psychological Society. Tonight the organisation has been reeling from accusations comparing its conduct to the Salem witches trials of 1692. This is of course not the first time a regulatory body has been accused of taking this radical stance to silence its critics.

    A number of professionals have unanimously accused the organisation acting as a “soviet style regime”. The Society based in Leicester has been under fire from various academics since their secret hearings regarding leading psychologist Lisa Blakemore Brown came to light. Transcripts supplied by a source at the Society were apparently “ shocking” and a travesty of justice.

  6. seroxat secrets… Lisa Blakemore-Brown and Thimerosal Thoughts « Says:

    […] with the name – I have written about the case of Lisa Blakemore-Brown on a number of occasions – here, here, here and […]

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