Social Audit, Panorama, Glaxo and the MHRA

The inimitable Charles Medawar weighs in with his commentary on last night’s Panorama programme. He writes:

“Panorama (BBC-TV) last night broadcast its fourth programme on Seroxat® (paroxetine), a still deeper foray into the built-in nastiness of drug marketing and product promotion. All credit to the programme for sticking with the issue, if only to reveal how much more must be done to see this story through.

Thanks largely to Panorama and friends we now have a pretty clear picture of motive, opportunity, method and the sometimes awful consequences. Corrupting influence in pharmaceutical science has become almost natural and easy – the product not only of greed and self-interest, but of established professional and organisational practice. In some ways, collective lack of commitment and imagination seem to trump venality. Indifference rules, OK?

The more this story unfolds, the more scary seems the inter-dependence and over-connectedness of the three main powers. Between them, the Pharmas and their agents, governments and regulators, and doctors and research workers have constructed a ‘health-care’ system that now seems, almost routinely, to put health second and them on top.”

To see where we go from here please visit the Social Audit website and read the full article.


2 Responses to “Social Audit, Panorama, Glaxo and the MHRA”


    A brilliant and concise article by Mr Medawar.

    On a footnote – Is there anywhere on the net posting more of the ‘secret emails’?


  2. admin Says:

    Watch this space… watch this space

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