Glaxo’s ‘response’ to Panorama

So how have Glaxo responded to the BBC – with a writ for libel from their highly paid lawyers? With reasoned argument, brimming with fact, science and trial data? With an apology for the untold harm they have been responsible for? With their reknowned spokesman, Alastair Benbow?

The answer is none of the above.

But what Glaxo has done is to tell us what good guys they are are by putting out a couple of press releases: ‘Glaxo investing $2 billion to expand flu vaccine manufacturing’ and ‘Glaxo building new Dungarvan facility’

“What can we do? We can’t sue them… hang on, we’ll tell everyone we’re creating lots of jobs and we’ll save them all from that nasty bird flu. Let’s try and look like the good guys and maybe Seroxat will go away”.

Glaxo has threatened to sue the BBC but this is a vacuous threat – the simple fact is they cannot sue. The evidence is clear cut in the emails we were never supposed to see and in the words of Doctors Ryan & Keller.


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