Outrageous behaviour today by the MHRA

I have just been given some genuinely shocking news by Bob Fiddaman.

Recently Bob made a Freedom of Information Act request to the MHRA in relaton to some specific questions about Serotonin.

His questions were as follows:

1. Did GSK provide the MHRA background documents giving details about the imbalance of serotonin in the brain?
Please answer Yes or No

2. Did GSK provide the MHRA documents with figures for the effect the drug had in changing the imbalanced state?
Please answer Yes or No

3. Please forward me documents that GSK supplied the MHRA during the application procedure for Seroxat that relate to the ‘correcting effect’ regarding people with lower levels of serotonin.

Interesting questions, I’m sure you agree. Would you like to know the answers?

So would I. Bob knows what the MHRA said but he can’t tell me. Or you.

Because at the bottom of the letter from the MHRA there was a new paragraph (which I have never seen before in two years of my own FOI requests to the MHRA).

“Copyright notice
The information supplied in response to your request is the copyright of MHRA and/or a third party or parties, and has been supplied for your personal use only. You may not sell, resell or otherwise use any information provided without prior agreement from the copyright holder.”

I’ll have to return to this subject at a later date, because at the moment I am lost for words – this is outrageous.


2 Responses to “Outrageous behaviour today by the MHRA”

  1. A. NON Says:

    Tell him to blow it across the internet, and call a few interested reporters. George Monbiot?

    Think of the free publicity. Of course GSK will have to pay for this “publicity”, when they sue him for copyright infringement.

    Who cares about the law and ethics? Certainly not GSK. Copyright infringement isn’t even on the same page as murder.

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