The good Dr Keller

I hope that you all remember Dr Martin Keller – we were introduced to him in this week’s Panorama – Secrets of the Drug Trials.

Dr Keller is a KOL – a key opinion leader. He is also chair of psychiatry at Brown University in America. According to his curriculum vita, he has over 300 scientific publications. People take his opinions seriously. He is a serious KOL or thought leader in academia and sought by the drug industry.

A seriously expensive KOL if you want to ‘buy’ his key opinion leadership for your drug…

You really must read ‘Drug companies enrich Brown professor’ to appreciate just how much (and for how long) Keller has been favoured by the drug companies. This is an old article, which details Keller’s ‘consulting fees’ from the late 1990’s.

There’s even more to read here about the good Doctor.


6 Responses to “The good Dr Keller”

  1. CL Psy Says:


    1. It’s nice to see that you have listed a great deal about the MHRA and Seroxat. Sites such as this can help increase the transparency of such agencies as the FDA and MHRA and we’ll all be better off for it.

    2. In the story, you linked to a post. The sarah parkin site is all plagiarized material. It is all directly copied from other sites, including mine. In fact, the link in your story to parkin’s site is actually a link to a story I originally wrote and she then stole. I’ve attempted to contact the site owner twice to no avail.

  2. admin Says:

    Sorry about that, CL Psy

    I’ve sorted out the link so it’s now pointing at the right source of the original article.

    I’ve put you in my Blogroll as well by way of apology!

    Keep up the good work.

  3. amin Says:

    paxil treated my general anxiety but did not do good on my social anxiety disorder i haven’t had much side effects and i am not worrying about weaning off it because i will use the liquied paxil so i can adjust the perfect dose and from top to bottom.

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