The ongoing saga of Lisa Blakemore Brown

I have already made a post about the victimization of Lisa Blakemore Brown by the British Psychological Society – but this case seems to get more and more stange by the day.

This link will take you to correspondence between Dr Aubrey Blumsohn and the British Psychological Society, you will see Dr Blumsohn asking to attend Lisa’s latest hearing – and Lisa herself saying that she has no objections at all to him being there… why then has Dr Blumsohn (and several other concerned doctors and colleagues) been banned from the hearing by the British Psychological Society?

Not only has Aubrey Blumsohn been banned – but the Chair of the hearing has not authorised anyone to give him a reason why.

This one just gets better and better.

What have the British Psychological Society got to hide?


2 Responses to “The ongoing saga of Lisa Blakemore Brown”

  1. An angry parent Says:

    A lot to hide.

    If every good hearted clinician received the abuse meted out to Lisa Blakemore Brown we would have an even sadder world than we have already. Even sadder that some unhinged supporters of parents have a chip on their shoulder and are prepared to let Parents down in order to abuse others.

    A parent

  2. seroxat secrets… Lisa Blakemore-Brown, The British Psychological Society, Dr Rita Pal and the GMC « Says:

    […] pharma blogs may well know the story of Dr Lisa Blakemore-Brown – I’ve written about her case here, here and here. So has another blogger – a British doctor named Rita Pal who writes for the NHS […]

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