The good Dr Keller – 2

More on Dr Keller below (from Prozac Backlash by Joseph Glenmullen MD, page 373). I’m sure Keller made an impression on all of you who watched the last Panorama programme. Start here if you missed my first post about him.

An example of a strong drug proponent who advocates chronic maintenance administration of antidepressant medication is Dr. Martin Keller, professor and chairman of the department of psychiatry at Brown University. Keller has published numerous research articles, many of them coauthored with other psychopharmacologists who take a similar position on the treatment of depression.

Appearing in prestigious medical and psychiatric journals, Keller’s articles have the appearance of impartial academic publications. Yet, as described in Chapter 5, the October 8, 1999, Boston Globe revealed that “Keller earned a total of $842,000 last year [1998], according to financial records, and more than half of his income came .. from pharmaceutical companies whose drugs he touted in medical journals and at conferences.”

For example, while publishing articles specifically endorsing Zoloft for the chronic treatment of depression, Keller received $218,000 in 1998 alone from Zoloft’s manufacturer, Pfizer. “At the same time,” continued the Boston Globe, “Keller was receiving millions of dollars in funding from the National Institute of Mental Health for research on depression and ways to treat it.”

The Boston Globe said Keller cited his NIMH-funded research on depression in an article in which he made claims on behalf of drugs like Zoloft.

No conflicts of interest here then, I’m sure you’ll agree…


2 Responses to “The good Dr Keller – 2”

  1. seroxat secrets… Top posts for May « Says:

    […] The good Dr Keller – 2 […]

  2. Matthew Holford Says:

    And, do you know, he still hasn’t replied to any of my ‘mails?


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