David Healy – why you should never trust new wonder drugs

Professor David Healy writing in today’s Daily Mail:

“Documents prised out of companies by American court cases have become the main way we have of discovering the truth about some of our best-selling drugs.

And what would I do if a loved one suffered a serious drug reaction? It’s virtually impossible to sue a pharmaceutical company in Britain, partly because of the difficulty of getting any funding for such actions.

There’s no point appealing to the government drugs watchdog – the MHRA. It is a small outfit entirely funded by the drug industry.

It has never taken any action against the academics who make fraudulent claims in ghostwritten articles, nor doctors working for the companies who repeat such claims, even when they have been shown to be untrue.

So the only other body to turn to is the General Medical Council, whose job it is to investigate the conduct of doctors – but it has shown no inclination to act.”

The full article can be read here.

The question all this boils down to is simple: how is Big Pharma being allowed to get away with it?


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