Glaxo uncovered ‘warning off’ MPs

In a couple of recent posts I highlighted Early Day Motions laid down in the House of Commons that were critical of Glaxo – the posts can seen here and here.

It seems the company wrote to MPs with constituency interests in Glaxo urging them to oppose any EDMs that might be critical of Glaxo.

Derek Scott, founder of The Online Seroxat Support Group, asked Paul Flynn for more detail about this shocking revelation. His reply is below:

“Dear Derek,
The letter(s) warned MPs off from signing my EDMs on the grounds that jobs in their constituencies would be at risk. That is what one MP told me. Unfortunately he has not given me a copy of the letter. GSK acknowledges its existence but refuse to send me a copy.
Paul Flynn”

As I’ve said before, Glaxo are nice people to do business with – as long as your MP does exactly what they tell him or her to do – otherwise your job might disappear.

Come on, let’s see the letters Glaxo.

3 Responses to “Glaxo uncovered ‘warning off’ MPs”

  1. RB Says:

    Glaxos bullying tactics are well known.
    I wonder when the MHRA investigation will come up with some answers? I think its safe to say that no criminal charges have been brought yet against GSK because the MHRA and Glaxosmithkline are one and the same. The MHRA has failed the public. The MHRA itself should be investigated , maybe then we would see some results?

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