Suicide? Not a Problem

Yet more research here that tells the same old story, whitewashing the facts. It’s the same old rubbish. In essence they’re saying the drugs don’t cause suicidal ideation and actual suicide – only depression can do that – yeah, right!

This article at Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry outlines yet another drugs trial where the study investigators are seen to be making subjective judgements rather than looking at what the data clearly shows them.

The study compared three doses of agomelatine to paroxetine (Paxil or Seroxat) and placebo in the treatment of depression and despite data that quite clearly points to Seroxat being a problem, the investigators brush it under the carpet.


3 Responses to “Suicide? Not a Problem”

  1. ian Says:

    this has me quite confused,
    i thought it was a well known thing that SSRI’s in particular can lead to increased emotional agitation and the like, which could, in unlucky circumstances lead to suicide?

    ?? thanks for the work you’re doing and the research you’re putting in admin.

    take care,

  2. admin Says:

    Cheers Ian – I’ve rewritten the post slightly – I did early this morning!

    As for research, it seems the findings and conclusions depend not on the data presented, but rather on who is footing the bill.

    Cynical – me?

  3. ian Says:

    lol. i know what you mean.

    but it’s good that you’re sifting through the information anyway, the important stuff does leak through to the public consciousness.

    one of the most frustrating things i’ve found with asking questions, particularly about corporations is that suddenly a purely ‘medical’ debate becomes a political one, and then a social policy one and then a…

    well done.

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