Paul Flynn MP

Apologies, but this piece by Paul Flynn, Member of Parliamant for Newport West slipped by unnoticed on 27 January.

In Pharmas’ deceptions – Evidence based or evidence biased, Paul takes a look at the way drug companies ‘interact’ with Parliament. He writes: “Lobbying by pharmaceutical companies has changed. Public trust in their propaganda is collapsing. One survey asked how well the industry was serving its customers. 80% of respondents said the industry was serving its customers well in 1997. This had plummeted to 44 per cent by 2003. Since then the distrust has grown. In response, the pharmas persuasion technique have become desperate and crude.

The Commons all party parliamentary groups are among the all embracing tentacles of influence of the pharmaceutical industry. Since 1995, when MPs were banned from working directly for political consultancies, the number of groups wholly or partly financed by businesses or trade organisations has tripled.

There are now an incredible 64 parliamentary health groups. Almost all are funded directly by pharmas or indirectly by patients groups and charities that are dependent on drug industry cash. Although the rules have been tightened recently that groups are still used as Trojan Horses to smuggle pro-drug propagandists into parliament.

Parliament has asserted itself against the malign influences. Unfortunately the courageous call for improved surveillance of the pharmas made by the Health Select Committee was answered with a bleating weak echo from Government”.

You can read the whole article here, at Paul Flynn’s website.

There is another piece of his here Seroxat – world scandal, which is well worth 10 minutes of anyone’s time.


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