Look out – here come dogs on Prozac

A few days ago in my post about Glaxo’s year end results, I explained that one of the ways drug companies can extend the cash generating life of their products is to get them approved for say, use in children and as we all know, Glaxo tried hard enough on this idea with Seroxat.

Even I’m taken aback by this news story from the AHRP – the FDA has approved Prozac for prescription to… dogs.

There are 61.5 million dogs in the U.S. – so with help from psychiatry and the FDA guess who has been eyeing this “underutilised” market population? Eli Lilly is repackaging its antidepressant, Prozac, as a veterinary drug under brand name, RECONCILE.

“I’ve seen shy dogs become sociable, fierce dogs become friendly, and neurotic dogs become normal,” says Manhattan animal psychiatrist Bert Barkowitz. And his patients seem to agree.

I have no comment – sometimes there are no words.

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