Everything you ever wanted to know about… Serotonin

Well, not EVERYTHING of course! This is the third post in a series that recaps (in one handy place) all I’ve written so far about a particular subject. The first two ‘Everythings’ were about Alastair Benbow and Ian Hudson.

I thought that Serotonin would make a timely subject for this ‘Everything’ because of the other post I made today “More snake oil from Glaxo”. Glaxo really doesn’t want to let go of trying to connect Serotonin with a cure for depression – even if, in the case of Gepirone ER, they are more than a bit wooly about the truth – “Gepirone ER affects brain serotonin by binding to serotonin 5HT1a receptors.”

Is this a good thing? Who knows, but at least the PR company has got ‘Gepirone ER’ in the same sentence as ‘serotonin’. That’s got to be a start, I suppose – perhaps marketing can build on this sentence with a scientific paper from ‘Marty’ Keller to ‘prove’ it is a good thing!

Anyway, as usual, this link will take you to my collected posts so far on Serotonin. As ever, I would advise that it’s best to scroll down and read them from the bottom upwards (there are two pages on this subject so far).


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  1. The myth of the chemical cure « seroxat secrets… Says:

    […] Everything you ever wanted to know about… Serotonin […]

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