Robbie Williams & Seroxat

According to the Sun today Robbie is “…is hooked on the powerful and controversial anti-depressant Seroxat, which has been linked to suicidal tendencies in teenagers”.

Another paper tells us, in a cry for help, he told an aide: “Get me help now or I might do something really stupid. I keep thinking of topping myself.”


7 Responses to “Robbie Williams & Seroxat”

  1. RB Says:

    I had heard Robbie Williams was on Seroxat some years ag but then changed to Effexor..
    I hope he speaks out against these death drugs when he gets out of Rehab.. Poor guy must be in a terrible state..

  2. jeremy Says:

    Said in the Irish media on Tuesday, July 01, 2003 that “The singer has been using Effexor ”

    Pills slowing Robbie right down
    Tuesday, July 01, 2003

    3:48:53 PM

    Chart star Robbie Williams has told how his battle with the bulge is a side-effect of the anti-depressants he uses.

    The singer has been using Effexor – a drug similar to Prozac – for more than a year to lift his mood.

    But, in an interview with Q magazine, he said the pills seemed to have affected his ability to burn off fat.

    “Those anti-depressants have screwed up my metabolism. It’s slowed right down,” he told the August edition of the magazine.

    “I run and walk miles on the machine but the weight just won’t come off.”

    Williams, 29, has seen his weight fluctuate over the years, partly due to his former drink and drug use.

    Noel Gallagher famously referred to the singer as the “fat dancer from Take That”.

    Earlier this year it emerged he was using diet drinks in an effort to shift the pounds.

    He was seen slugging on cans of low-fat drinks as he prepared for a TV special show in behind-the-scenes footage for a DVD of The Robbie Williams Show .

    Williams made light of the flab-fighting liquid as he chatted to a cameraman.

    “I’ve been in LA and I had to put on weight for a film I was doing,” he joked. “It’s not because I’m really vain or anything, it’s because I’m doing it for a film.”

  3. jeremy Says:

    EFFEXOR ……….. “They take the lead out of the pencil.”


    Have you ever been on antidepressants?

    I’m on them now. Effexor. They’re great except for one thing: They take the lead out of the pencil. I can get going, but I can’t come.

    The second coming of Robbie Williams: riding a wave of gossip, the British hunk and former boy band idol surfs back into America – The Music Issue – Cover Story – Interview
    Advocate, The, May 13, 2003 by Larry Flick

  4. mehdi_kaim Says:

    EVERY antidepresans KİLLİNG creativty……
    and ppl born to create ….
    thats why medic TOTALLY sucs …
    leave ppl free jurks…
    ur KİLLİNG them
    or fuck urself
    ho im i …
    the forgotteng king….

  5. terry Says:

    I know I’m suffering from some sort of depression, when It occurs it stops me from me doing all the things I normally enjoy, is medication the right option or does it just mess you up even more?

    • idnondn Says:

      Whatever your solution will be, do not ever do psycho pharms. Often they leave you more depressive than you have been before. Eat healthy and exercise!

    • jenny Says:

      Please please go to your doctor… im on anti depressants and its changed my a completely different person without them. Please go and get some professional help. They will help you to find the right one for you. Everyones different.

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