More on Lisa Blakemore Brown & the British Psychological Society

I’m confused. I want to find out more about the British Psychological Society and what it’s saying about (and doing to) Lisa Blakemore Brown. This is not as easy as you might imagine: the BPS is happy to allow the nature of the ‘charges’ against her to be misrepresented in public while refusing to allow her to i) discuss her own case, ii) present her case at an international meeting, or iii) publish the transcripts of her trial. The BPS have threatened legal proceedings if Blakemore Brown breaks their ‘copyright’ on what they have done to her.

That sounds familar… ah yes – it was the MHRA who recently tried to use ‘copyright’ to stop a Freedom of Information Act answer from being seen by others.

If Blakemore-Brown did do anything seriously wrong in terms of patient care, then charges should be examined in detail, and criticism should be transparent – but we have seen no evidence of this in the charges she faces. Nor has Blakemore Brown been allowed to address the misrepresentation of the charges in the only way possible – by discussing what they are.

Perhaps Dr Aubrey Blumsohn can help us to understand a little more about this attempt by the BPS to discredit a respected psychologist and to have her officially pronounced “mentally disturbed” and “unfit to practice”.


9 Responses to “More on Lisa Blakemore Brown & the British Psychological Society”

  1. paula Says:

    RE MHRA email copyright ref:

    Here’s a couple of extracts from

    [I’ve put asterisks near the POSSIBLE ‘getout’ bits, it needs further checking]

    “…Acts that are allowed

    ***Fair dealing*** is a term used to describe acts which are permitted to a certain degree without infringing the work, these acts are:

    ***Private and research study purposes.***
    Performance, copies or lending for educational purposes.
    ***Criticism and news reporting.***
    Incidental inclusion.
    Copies and lending by librarians.
    Acts for the purposes of royal commissions, statutory enquiries, judicial proceedings and parliamentary purposes.
    Recording of broadcasts for the purposes of listening to or viewing at a more convenient time, this is known as time shifting.
    Producing a back up copy for personal use of a computer program.
    Playing sound recording for a non profit making organisation, club or society.
    (Profit making organisations and individuals should obtain a license from the Performing Rights Society.)…”

    At the end of the article they give two links.
    This one is the 1988 copyright info, in far more detail buy heavy going:

    and this one is the updates to UK copyright law – the law changed fairly recently in keeping with the EU (or something like that).

    If thats any help?

  2. admin Says:

    That’s great – I’ll make sure it gets seen by the right man.

    Thanks Paula

  3. paula Says:

    I’m not entirely convinced that the MHRA can impose a copyright on ‘personal email’ in that way, despite standard ‘copyright’ footers to the letters.

    Maybe they can, but plenty of emails etc are posted on sites.

  4. paula Says:

    Sorry, delayed in the middle of that last comment and didn’t see your reply.

    You’re welcome 🙂

  5. Bob Fiddaman Says:

    Very Interesting indeed. I’m about to post the complaint of I have made to the MHRA on my blog regarding this and other matters. Keep em peeled 😉


  6. jeremy Says:

    I applied under the FOI to the MHRA in relation to homicidal ideation on the antidepressant drug Efexor.

    They replied to me by e-mail which contained a PDF attachment.

    Not only was the attachment “locked” it was print disabled and the command to copy to clipboard was also disabled.

    Their intent was clear ………this was a document they did not want propogated over the net.

    So much for FOI @ the MHRA

  7. Bob Fiddaman Says:

    This site is pretty useful Jeremy


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