On a very personal note…

I don’t really use this blog to talk about my experience, but perhaps today you’ll forgive me, as this is an important day for me. It has been exactly a year – 365 whole days – since I last took Seroxat.

I took Seroxat for nine years and I (and my family) had a terrible time withdrawing from it and that process took 22 months to complete.

Most of the public (and still too many doctors) do not understand how addictive Seroxat actually is and how hard it is for most patients to stop taking it. We get little or no help (or understanding) from the medical establishment and Glaxo, of course, continues to fight tooth and nail to stop Seroxat being mentioned in the same sentence as the word “addiction”…

But Glaxo, let me tell you a few home truths – I was addicted to Seroxat. A lot of people are. Just because you do your best to stop it being talked about in public doesn’t mean you can change what is a fact: Seroxat is addictive.


4 Responses to “On a very personal note…”

  1. allotmentjunkies Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversay!
    best wishes, Keener

  2. ian Says:

    well done admin!

  3. Alda Benson Says:

    I ve bn takn serroxat for 4yrs now n each time I stop depression sets back in…..I tnk am addicted n needs to stop but dnt knw how .can sm1 help me?

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