Lisa Blakemore Brown – the truth is out

We can now all read the transcript of Lisa Blakemore Brown’s hearing that the British Psychological Society tried to ban.

It’s now up on the internet at… where else but Furious Seasons.

Philip Dawdy writes: “I have briefly mentioned recently the very odd case surrounding Lisa Blakemore-Brown, a psychologist in the UK. She’s been the object of what Americans would call a fitness-for-duty evaluation. Her supporters claim this is because she challenged a psych diagnosis and the jail sentences handed down to people based on that diagnosis. She’s also been vocal in her views on the possible connection between vaccines and mental disorders such as autism. She is currently being looked into by the British Psychological Society, apparently as payback for her stands. Her supporters say she is a victim of academic stalking, or academic persecution as we might term it on these shores.

The BPS has been fairly mum on the case, preferring instead to jam up Blakemore-Brown in secret proceedings. Or a Star Chamber, as the classic term would have it.

I have obtained a copy of the transcript of a hearing the BPS held on the psychologist this past summer. It is fascinating reading–and very, very weird stuff”.

I haven’t had the chance to look through the 82 page document myself. Best get over to Furious Seasons and download your own copy.


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