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So, does Seroxat cause aggression & violence; addiction; tinnitus; asthma & breathing difficulties; high blood pressure and increased alcohol consumption?

Not quite such a random list as you first might think: finding anecdotal evidence of these problems linked to Seroxat is easy today, because of the internet; I know that Glaxo has particular sensitivities around some of these issues and then there’s my own experience of taking Seroxat and then withdrawing from it.

So, really how safe is Seroxat?

Or to put it another way, how dangerous is Seroxat?

Has Glaxo undertaken any research into the long term use of Seroxat and patient safety?

Does Glaxo care?


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  1. RB Says:

    How dangerous is Seroxat?..
    Seroxat is the most dangerous drug on the market, and possibly one of the most dangerous, toxic and defective drugs ever to be released into the public domain for public consumption. All drugs have side effects but Seroxat has side effects which are so disturbingly unusual and strange that some of them defy categorisation. Akathisia , deprersonalization and derealization are 3 of its most insidious side effects .Akathisia is an extreme inner restlessness, a nervous system in total overdrive, depersonalization is when the drug creates a state of being equivalent to an annihilation of the personality, so severe in fact that the sufferer will do things not just out of character but also without conscience or reason, combine that with derealization where Seroxat induces a trance like effect and the user loses all sense of reality and you have a recipe for disaster. Combine all 3 with an already emotionaly fragile individual and you have a chemically induced timebomb. The Seroxat murders and seroxat suicides have all been attributed to these horrible side effects. Seroxat should be taken off the market now before anyone else becomes a Seroxat murderer or a seroxat suicide statistic.

    |I doubt very much of GSK have done any “official” long term studies, but the evidence from the tens of thousands of postings on the web , from withdrawal sites to Seroxat awareness sites prove this drug to be defective and extemely dangerous. Unfortunately Anyone who has ever been on Seroxat , has been a human guine pig , maybe GSK already have their long term study, and maybe it has been the public?…


    So, does Seroxat cause aggression & violence; addiction; tinnitus; asthma & breathing difficulties; high blood pressure and increased alcohol consumption?



    Alistair Benbow

  3. admin Says:

    I’d just like to thank Dr Benbow for looking in and for his valuable contribution to the debate… can’t help thinking that he’s a little bit biased on the subject though!!

  4. truthman30 Says:

    Mr Gestapo.. Sorry erm.. I mean.. Mr benbow… surely you wouldnt lie to the public about the dangers of Seroxat now would you?…

  5. seroxat secrets… So, just how dangerous is Seroxat? « Says:

    […] Thanks to RB for the above. Posted in Suicide, SSRI, Big Pharma, Seroxat, Anti-depressant, Glaxo. […]

  6. bux Says:

    well in my case …yes most deffinately,i have been off the poison 29 months and i still have mood swings,severe tinnatus,breathing problems,heart irregularities and none of this was present before my 6 years on it!!!!
    And Mr Benbow,i think you tell huge lies

  7. RB Says:

    The longterm effects have been well established and are known, they are documented on the tens of thousands of web pages of seroxat survivors stories , on withdrawal sites and SSRI/Depression/Anxiety Sites all over the internet. The Paxil petiition has close to 10 000 signatures. Seroxat is the mental health thalidomide, GSK know this too. They will downplay the truth and reality as long as they can still sell Seroxat, and as long as the patent allows. When it is no longer a commercial success, they will stop pushing it. They will have made their money, and even the pittance they pay in lawsuits will compare nothing to the profit they will have made from it. So it is a win win situation for them.

    What is more of an important issue is the fact that they didnt warn of side effects and dangerous withdrawal symtoms. there are people within GSK who made decisions based on a profit motive over the health of the public, and these people need to be held accountable for what , in my estimation ammounts to a gross fraud and possibly corporate manslaughter.

  8. bux Says:

    I will just say i have had almost 9 years of my life ruined by this poison,6 years on it,an attempted cold turkey off it which almost cost me my life,i was obsessed with suicide(never had been in my life before),and then 29 months of severe protracted withdrawal,and also a 9 month taper which i did alternate days as advised by my doctor!!!.
    This has been one hell of a journey ,for which i had no choice, as side effects/withdrawal effects were never mentioned upon being prescribed this defective drug.
    I think that this is a very high price to pay when my origional complaints were nausea,weepiness and a whole range of gyne problems.It took a doctor 2 minutes to prescribe a mind altering drug and 2 years to send me to a gyne to have my true problems looked at,i wonder which big pharma rep my doctor had seen in his office that week!!!!

  9. Matthew Holford Says:


    …Alistair Benbow”

    Was this really from Ali B? If it was, I hope he won’t accuse me of misrepresenting him, by omitting the “Regards” from the quotation.


  10. Naima Says:

    My troubles started with stomach symptoms: nausea, reflux, abdominal discomfort, ‘lump’ in the throat, wretching on swallowing food. It got so bad I couldnt eat anymore and was existing on a few strawberries a day or a little bit of yoghurt and had lost 4st in weight looking quite anorexic. I noticed at this time that my stomach got worse in social situations and with anxiety.
    Since an endoscopy revealed nothing my consultant prescribed Seroxat, saying it had helped other women with my symptoms. By this time I was depressed and desperate so welcomed the smooth white pill and prayed it would save me.
    It worked really well. After the 2 week induction period with side effects of nightmares, trembling hands, ‘spaced out’ feelings and dizziness I was a different person !!! I could finally eat normal portions of food and I was calm and content.
    I stayed on 20mg Seroxat for 1 year and then reduced to 10mg without much difficulty. The sad thing is that I then spent the next 8yrs on 10mg thinking that if I stopped my old stomach problems and anxiety would return. I’m just so incredibly sad about having this drug in my body all that time …. over the years my moods went up/down, there was some anxiety, hardly any libido and I also noticed gradual hair thinning – I wonder …. has anyone experienced hair loss on Seroxat long term ??
    Since the moods were varied I decided to withdraw this year. I dropped to 5mg 3mths ago and had 2 weeks of dizziness, light-headedness, sadness & weeping, some nightmares but they didnt occur everyday and got less frequent.
    I stopped Seroxat altogether 18days ago and its been quite hard. The biggest problem has been the sadness & weepiness that can occur unexpectedly and the nausea. There were a couple of nights with bad sweaty nightmares. And some episodes of dizziness.

    Its the nausea I cant stand! Ive also noticed my original stomach probelm of wretching and difficulty swallowing occuring again. This scares me the most !!! If I have to go back to my stomach probelms again I’d rather just not continue with life. I dont want to return to Seroxat. In fact, FUCK Seroxat!

    I’ve thought a lot about my problems and think I have a very ‘nervous’ stomach and symptoms like wretching and nausea are directly linked to my anxiety and stress. I need to control the nervous system connected to the stomach. Im going to try meditation classes, exercise, hypnosis, acupuncture and cognitive behavioural therapy.

    I will NOT be governed by my body. I will not have a lousy life! I must get my mind back to being strong and healthy to override my nerves.

    One final note …. Ive seen countless consultants and GP’s during my stomach problem days. They were ALL useless, unsympathetic, uncaring, unintelligent IDIOTS!!! And the one who prescribed me Seroxat did save my life BUT he failed to mention any of the dangers of this drug!

    To all those of you out there who feel battered and bruised, angry and bitter, lost and desperate … I sympathise and am truly sorry you are going through this ordeal.

    Why us ?????!!

  11. Michael Says:

    6 years ago before i started to take seroxat, i was fine,sociable,outgoing, laid back but went to the doctor after bad experience with a violent partner and claimed i needed a proffessional to speak to and thats when they suggested to put me on these so called miracle working drug that happens to help take all your problems away when really all its doing is helping to create more than you already have in the first place.
    I now suffer anxiety,suicidal thoughts,stomach cramps,nausea,bleeding,lack of sleep,mood swings,ringing in the ears,aggression,violence,weight loss and so on.(Im pretty sure other seroxat sufferers understand the symptoms aswell as me).
    I am completely and utterly disgusted with GSK and think it is about time something should be done!Why should we all go through symptoms as such as the above,and have our lives ruined and put on the line for money grabbing companies like these?
    what i dont understand is whether it is actually the doctors/government fault for prescribing these killer drugs.10.000 signatures protesting against this should be recognised and it’s most definitely not a coincidence that we all are suffering the same symptoms.
    Gsk killers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Brian (Scotland) Says:

    I was prescribed seroxat after minor depression following a serious car crash. All the symptoms mentioned in this forum are so true. The last ten years of my life have been a haze on this drug. I finally managed to quit this year after suffering horrendous withdrawals. This was my third and successful attempt to do so. Its been six months and I’m beginning to get my life back on track now. However, the main push for quitting and going through the DT’s was because I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder (Rheumatoid Athritis). My doctor wanted to prescribe another killer drug (methotextrate) and I decided to make a stand and be drug free. My theory is that one of the side effects of Seroxat is damage to my gut (Leaky Gut Syndrome) which has caused toxins to leak into my body causing an auto-immune response. I always had diarrhoea after taking my seroxat. I come from a healthy family with no history of athritis going back three generations. I’m now trying to repair my body the natural way and making progress every day. I’d be interested to know if anyone else here has had auto-immune or stomach issues.

  13. Annette Says:

    Hi why did the solicitors in wales ask people to pay so much so there records could be seen and said there was a very strong case against Glaxo Smithkline then all of a suden say there is no case ??????????

  14. Says:

    Hi why did the solicitors in wales that took the seroxat cases on say that we all had a very strong case then at the last minuite said that there was no case ?????????
    cant we all get together and sort out the distress we are and have gone through ????

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