Seroxat & Addiction

While you took Seroxat, would you say you were addicted to the drug?

Was it easy for you to stop taking Seroxat, or did you suffer from withdrawal reactions to Seroxat?

Glaxo is VERY sensitive about the link between Seroxat and addiction and I think we need to discuss this important issue much more widely.


4 Responses to “Seroxat & Addiction”


    Dependant because I knew that if I didn’t get my fix I would be climbing the walls.

    Addicted because I would sometimes run to the chemist because I needed my next dosage

    Addiction v Dependancy – Is there really any difference?


  2. RB Says:

    The lines between pharmaceutical definitions of dependence and addiction become somewhat blurred when applied to anti-depressants. But, in reality dependence and addiction ammount to the same thing. Seroxat is addictive, and you do become dependent on it. Any substance which produces a withdrawal reaction is an addictive substance. The withdrawal from Seroxat which I experienced was like the feeling of my brain being squeezed through a pinhole.

    Seroxat should never have been promoted as a long term treatment for depression. And Glaxos devious Seroxat marketing campaign ammounts to twisted propaganda and nothing more. Seroxat is highly toxic to the body. And I would bet that actually, it is intolerable to the human body , hence the severity of its side effects.

    Glaxo are guilty of not just lies, deception and fraud, but also of a great crimes against humanity and abuse of public trust.

  3. bux Says:

    I did not crave Seroxat like you would a cigarette or a drink,i didnt have to have my dose increased to satisfy,and i think this is how GSK are trying to wrangle out of the “addictive” word.However ,my body was deffinately addicted/dependant as in if i missed a dose i would feel that ill i had to take it and yes i needed it to make this ill feeling better.
    I tried cold turkey some years ago,i lasted 10 weeks before i was screaming for some seroxat.
    And even now 29 months of hard withdrawal i still have that all over ill feeling and it does actually feel like my body is craving something,like if i could give it what it needed this ill feeling would go and i would feel better,and i honestly feel it is seroxat it is craving.
    Addictive? dependancy? yep you bet in my mind its the same thing.

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