Seroxat & Agression

Did Seroxat or withdrawing from it make you aggressive, hostile or frustrated and violent? How were you able to deal with stress and seemingly normal situations? Did your personality change for the worse? Could you control your anger?

Glaxo is VERY sensitive about any link between Seroxat and aggressive or violent behaviour… but I think we need to know the truth.


One Response to “Seroxat & Agression”

  1. RB Says:

    Of course Glaxo is sensitive about Seroxat inducing aggression.
    But, we all know that in the infamous Shell Murder trial they lost their case and Seroxat was proven to have caused Donald Shell to go on a murdering rampage. I have met many people affected by Seroxat and all of them have stories of how it changed their personality for the worst, how it made them aggressive, short tempered, angry and hostile. Many school shootings in America and violent crimes and murders have been linked to SSRI’s. This is a can of worms which has yet to be opened and explored in the mainstream media, particularly in America where most mainstream news channels are controlled, funded or owned by corporations affiliated directly or indirectly with Big Pharmaceutical Corporations.

    And then there is the issue of advertising, a case of which we have already seen in the UK, with regard to ITV’s “This Morning” and its recent discussion of SSRI’s. They censored the the mentioning of Seroxat and Addiction amongst other things. The only UK mainstream TV channel which is brave enough to investigate the truth od Seroxat has been the BBC, because it is not funded by advertising. Four panorama exposes on the one topic ( ie. Seroxat) is unprecedented.

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