Seroxat & Alcohol consumption

While you were taking Seroxat, did you find yourself drinking more alcohol than you would normally? Did you develop a compulsion to drink alcohol? Did it affect you in a different way?

Interesting questions and perhaps we’ll know the answers soon. I have mentioned this subject before but I think it’s one that should be considered once again.


9 Responses to “Seroxat & Alcohol consumption”

  1. filip Says:

    Ive been taking seroxat for a few years, maybe 4 or 5. Abouth 6 months a year. Now I had this treatment since september last year. I order to finsh this, now I am taking half pill every second day.In the day that I do not take the pill I, sometimes, drink 2 or 3 beers. It makes me feel good, it helps me join friends on a terrace, feeling at the same level with them. First, I thought that the next day would be a bad one, but I feld even better next day.Maybe a little more confident.Now I have a problem in stopping the treatment, because I don’t like those simptoms wich occure for a few days or weeks!And I can never tell if those are the simptoms for ending the treatment, or do they show that the illness is comming back!But, regarding the alcohol, I would say that a few beers in weekend with laughing friend, or going to a party, a wedding, or other special events can help.But I never took the pill that day!And it was only after a good perioud when I started feeling good, ans not more than 3 or 4 times a month.

  2. Cobra Commander Says:

    Two years ago, I was taking paroxetine for “anxiety that led to depression” or something like that, and several months after starting the treatment, I noticed some benefits, but also an increasingly aggressive behaviour, getting angry with little provocation, and getting very quarrelsome. A night with a friend, we went out and got drunk and then i experimented the most horrible experience of my life. We went into a pub and after entering the place my memory starts to fade……but I remember that I ended fighting with the security people and finally being thrown out of the place (it took all the security guys to get my out, as i my friend says i was in something like a “berserker” state) . I like to point out that i never got involved in a brawl in more than a decade (high school).
    Outside, i asked my friend to get me home , wich he didnt (he was quite drunk too ) and, after arguing about something we dont remember i finished nearly asphixiating him after a fight, before getting controlled by two security guards from a nearby mc donalds. ANd still after that i wanted chase my friend to beat him for “stoling my cell phone” (he later told me that i threw it to the floor and destroyed it myself)………My friend knows me from high school and tells me that he never saw me in a state like that, and we had been more drunk that that many times before………after quitting the medication i never had a problem like that again, nor anithing like a withdrawal syndrom, so guys….if you are takin paroxetine, moderate yourselves with alcohol!!

  3. shannon Says:

    Do NOT drink if you’re on Paxil! I’ve just had the worst experience with it, ending in my boyfriend breaking up with me over it. It started a little less than a year ago, when I went up from 10-40mg. 2-3 nights I would get so drunk that I would be blacking out and not remembering a thing the next day! I would have to hear from my boyfriend about things I had said, the way I have behaved, etc. Bitchy, moody, dramatic and picking fights for no reason, aggressive, self-absorbed, mean, loud.
    Completely shocked me – so uncharacteristic of behavior!! And so then I kept trying my best to ‘control’ my intake, but it was like I couldnt. You feel the effects of barely anything, because Paxil affects your body’s metabolism of alcohol. And then, its like you can’t stop! Even when I told myself not to have even once drink, the cravings were insane and I could barely control them!
    If you even experience something like this one time, stop drinking!! I wish I had! It is not something you can control!
    I’m definitely off Paxil now.

  4. Sarah Says:

    A friend of mine has been on seroxat for about 5 years now. He was also a heavy binge drinker which got him into all sorts of trouble. He has recently admitted he is addicted to alcohol and is getting help. Over the years he has had
    issues with his mum leading to huge rows but recently (since he quit alcohol) the rows and anger towards her have become much worse. I am trying to understand why this might be. His Mum and I are close friends too so his behaviour is affecting all of us.
    Looking forward to some kind of explanation.

  5. Ras Reed Says:

    An incisive post you have here. Just want to add that every alcohol addict should have a strong desire to quit. Without this, all effort to stop drinking alcohol willl be futile.

  6. amanda Says:

    I knew that this drug Seroxat did awful things to me it was the worst thing I could ever have taken. I did come off the drug but with replacement drugs and a lot of councelling, I still find it very difficult to cope with how I had felt and what I had done and thought.
    I was really interested in the alcohol addition which I did not know about. I liked a drink like anyone else and enjoyed it but, when I started to take Seroxat I began to drink more and more until it was daily. even after I had stopped Seroxat I kept drinking, then last year I was admitted to hospital with Heart Failure and was very ill, I am now getting better but under doctors and on medication.
    And I don’t have any urges to drink excess amounts to alcholol. If you are doing things out of character just check that it is not the medication your on

  7. Kristy Says:

    I’ve been taking paxil for 2 years and have been gradually tapering off for the last couple of weeks. The vivid dreams and the interference of the dreams in my waking life were driving me completely nuts. I can’t handle the dreaming any more. I just went to my doc today to get a rx for a new anti-depressant (lexapro…fingers crossed) and have been researching the paxil withdrawals.

    I am STUNNED to discover this anecdotal link between paxil and alcohol consumption. I had NO IDEA that my dramatically increased alcohol consumption could be related to my anti-depressant. Before paxil I’d drink a couple of glasses of wine at night and maybe have a big night every week or so. Now I drink at least 4-5 glasses of wine per night (thank god for good boxed wine!) and at least 3 or 4 big whiskeys. I get home from work and I drink and drink and drink and then I fall asleep. No violent behavior or black-outs here, but certainly extremely high alcohol consumption (and corresponding weight gain) with almost no hangovers.

    I am SO GLAD to have discovered that this desire and tolerance for alcohol might be related to paxil. Now I can be alert to a diminishing desire for the stuff as I get off the drug and onto a new one.


  8. Paul Says:

    My wife died of cancer in mid july and i nursed her for the last 4 months of her life.Because of the strain/depression this has and is causing i am on 20mg seroxat per day.Now since her death my alcohol consumption has risen dramatically – i’m at 1.5bottles of wine per day,everyday with no hangover.I started to become suspicious in the last 10 days or so which is why i did the search and ended up here.Because i do not have to work at present i am at home all day but never drink alcohol until 6pm.But i do find that once i start drinking it is difficult to stop,but no anger/arguements with anyone except of course myself – anyone who has lost someone they loved will understand that comment.As for sex,yes i have found that being on seroxat does have some probs.Not in thinking of sex,not in getting aroused,but in having an orgasm -this can take ages but is extremely powerful when achieved.Perhaps some clever person can mix viagra or similar with seroxat for the ultimate sex high?But the alcohol problem does need addressing otherwise i may be heading downwards rapidly.I think if i got appalling hangovers that would stop me overindulging but as i’ve said no hangover at all which is strange because i definitely do get drunk,but rarely falling-over drunk.Perhaps seroxat stops part of the alcohol working,so effectively my body is getting the equivalent of say 1/2 to 3/4 of a bottle of wine,rather than 1.5 bottles? Anybody got any clues?

  9. Diane Kays Says:

    Definately made me drink more. A compulsion.

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