10 Downing Street Seroxat petition

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Urgently move to withdraw the SSRI Seroxat from the list of licensed medications for depression”.

Here’s the link – please go and sign it if you live in the UK.

The petition was submitted by Matthew Holford, who writes:

“It appears, based on Glaxo SmithKline’s own internal trials and communications that this drug does not work any better than the placebo is was trialled against, and that it has massively dangerous side effects.

That it was licensed in the first place is something of a mystery. That it continues to be so, given the significant body of opinion opposing the Chemical Imbalance theory, and findings of liability on GSK’s part in the courts, is a cause for alarm and suspicion”.

Deadline to sign up by: 20 February 2008


27 Responses to “10 Downing Street Seroxat petition”

  1. RB Says:

    A cause for alarm and suspicion? Now that has to be the understatement of the year so far in regards to Seroxat.

    If 4 panorama exposes , thousands of newspaper/internet/radio/TV articles, 10 000 signatures on the Paxil Petition/thousands of lawsuits, proof of Fraud/GSK corruption, Babies born with seroxat induced heart defects, Seroxat murders, Seroxat suicides, Seroxat Withdrawl and countless lives destroyed by this defective and dangerous drug is not cause for suspicion and alarm then I dont know what is?

    I cant sign this petition because I am not resident in the UK, but I urge others outside of the UK who cannot sign this one, to please sign the Paxil Petition online :


  2. bux Says:

    What is really bothering me now is that all this information is out there,evidence that amounts to GSK s evil hiding of vital information that could of prevented so many deaths and destroyed lives,yet they are still making money with thier defective drug.How the hell do they get away with it? are they above the law? .
    And while they still make their millions we suffer the aftermath of their profits,what is wrong with the world today? they need to be brought to justice as do the doctors that have prescribed and denied the sheer hell of this evil drug,consider this petition signed by me,what do we have to do to make them be accountable for the devastation?

  3. Matthew Holford Says:


    I regret having to understate the “long title” of the petition: anything I wrote had to be verifiable, to avoid censorship, due to defamatory content.

    I am only an academic lawyer, but I’ve satisfied myself that there is a case for gross negligence/corporate manslaughter against GSK. I’m intrigued as to why they haven’t been brought to book: the standard of burden of proof for gross negligence is the same as the tortious one: on the balance of propabilities (more likely than not). They’ve already been found liable in the Schell cases on that basis – why not more widely?

    Anyway, as I mentioned to Janice at Seroxat Users Group, my experience is actually with fluoxetine (suicidal ideations), but seeing as how the Chemical Imbalance theory applies to all SSRIs, and has been acknowledged to be marketing guff, I’m happy to target GSK, in a concerted way. I don’t like the sort of secrecy and arrogance that they’ve peddled.


  4. RB Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that the seroxat scandal fits the criteria for corporate manslaughter. It also fits the criteria as a human rights abuse.

  5. bux Says:

    This drug has physically and mentally abused every part of my being ,now had this been done to me by Joe public they would be brought to justice,had it been Joe Public that had endangered my life and threatened my existance they would be brought to justice,had Joe public put a rope round my neck and left me to die they would of been brought to justice.So why the hell can GSK do this to people and get away with it? i,m sorry this is the part i just cannot understand,and its not just one person it runs into millions of us,basically GSK are serial killers,i am one of the lucky ones that survived to tell the tale and i want to live to see people like Benbow running scared.
    So reverse their favourite advert and ask the people who hide behind the company name of GSK ” how the hell do you sleep at night?”,hopefully one day, on a mattress in a prison cell.


    …hopefully one day, on a mattress in a prison cell.

    Along with those at the MHRA who knowingly kept the public in the dark about the dangers of Seroxat.


  7. Sally Milsom Says:

    Please read my Downing Street petition (link below) and add your name to what I believe will be one more step towards GSK being brought to book.

    The petition states that the British Government owes the users of Paroxetine/Seroxat/Paxil a thorough investigation into the use (alleged misuse) of GlaxoSmithKline drug trial information and I have requested that the Government instigate formal investigations into this ‘potential’ misuse. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk:80/SeroxatGSK/

    I would be very grateful if you would add your signature to the Petition and, if you feel strongly about this subject, please do pass the link below onto your friends/family/colleagues requesting them to sign also.

    Thank you in anticipation of your valuable assistance in what I strongly believe to be a significant benefit to many thousands of Paroxetine/Seroxat/Paxil sufferers in the UK, and potentially millions around the world.

  8. Matthew Holford Says:

    I’m actually quite disappointed that take-up has been so slow. It may only be four days on from my petition being approved, but we’re averaging less than 7 signatures, per day.

    Given that the drug has impacted negatively on the lives of tens of millions, it just strikes me as a bit odd. Having been banned from discussing it on UKDF, I’m also obliged to note the lack of interest on Uncommon Knowledge. It’s like everybody’s waiting to see what happens.

    Maybe if we ever get to 1,000 signatures, then maybe a few people will say “oh, right, maybe there’s something in this,” rather than base their reaction on their own experience. Bizarre.


  9. truthman30 Says:

    There is a conspiracy of Silence about Seroxat within the corridors of Power in the UK, this i blatently obvious…
    Hopefully Mr fiddaman will shed some light soon about why this is so …

  10. Matthew Holford Says:

    It’s reasonably evident that there are some significant vested interests, here (in terms of cash, and possibly other things, too), which seem to override everything else, including human life. My impression is that the conspiracy over this drug is so far-reaching that nobody dares say anything publicly, for fear of giving something away – little knowing that their silence speaks volumes.

    In the absence of a “smoking gun”, a nailed-on train of logic is required, which simply can’t be rebutted at any point, without further information being given away, which makes the case even more watertight. They’re going to have to break ranks, sooner or later, to protect themselves. Whose going to blink first? GSK, MHRA, GSK’s ownership or Westminster?

    Personally, I like the angle of having them look incompetent, which is why I’ve asked the MHRA to explain the operation of the inactive ingredients (which include some stuff with dubious reputation). They can’t wave me away, because if they do, and a lawyer (I’ve spoken to a couple of big ones in the States about this) does the research, and finds something amiss, GSK are going to get absolutely hammered, at court!

    And if that doesn’t work, I’ll think of something else!

  11. asas Says:

    i was put on seroxat when it first came out. i was 19. i am now 31 and still on it cause i cant get off it. it turns out i can´t have kids now because seroxat is now a class d drug that harms unborn babies

  12. Matthew Holford Says:

    Hey asas,

    What kind of harm does it do? Has the cause (ie, the specific ingredient) been identified?


  13. admin Says:

    Rad – have a look at todays post about Seroxat and birth defects… Evelyn Pringles article has a lot of info.

  14. admin Says:

    asas – I’m so sorry you’re stuck on it – how have you tried to get off it?

    Do you know the Paxil Progress website?

  15. Matthew Holford Says:

    Just read the Pringles piece. Shocking.

  16. admin Says:

    Rad – now use the other link (at the bottom of the post) Mouse at Paxil Progress to see the pictures.

  17. Matthew Holford Says:

    It’s just embarassing when this is juxtaposed to the fact of regularity inactivity, isn’t it? The trouble is, as I’ve discovered, to the likes of us the whole thing is self-evident. You try to convince a regular non-Paxil taking member of the public of the significance of this (because you can bet your bottom dollar that Big Pharma isn’t the only place it’s going on), and you wouldn’t get past “hey, have you heard about Seroxat,” without being met by an expression which says “yeah, so, what? What value is that to me?”

    Big Pharma is able to carry on as it has, because it appeals to certain people’s self-interest, whether that be the people who have power/money as a consequence of its existence, or the people who have been duped into believing that these charlatans actually produce a valuable product.

    Is it possible to make it worth people’s while to think differently? Self-interest: that’s the key.

  18. Matthew Holford Says:

    I’ve just ‘mailed Patricia Hewitt, as follows:

    Dear Ms Hewitt,

    I note that Seroxat has been implicated in a series of foetal malformation cases, including craniosynostosis, digestive system defects, respiratory damage, heart defects, not to mention issues with withdrawal from the drug, for those babies born to Seroxat/Paxil-taking mothers.

    Now, I imagine that you have a handle on all this, and are fully aware of the issues involved, not least the massive profitability of this drug to Glaxo SmithKline (“GSK”), the manufacturer. However, when one combines the above issues with the allegations of fraud and negligence levelled at GSK over the various negative side effects experienced by users, including homicide and suicide, juxtaposed as this is with apparent regulatory inactivity, one cannot help but be suspicious at the potential for a cover-up of quite revolting proportions.

    Would you care to comment on this, at any level? Perhaps GSK could be prevailed upon to comment on its need to suppress debate, on this subject? Perhaps the drug will be withdrawn, without further argument, because this is fast turning into a farce, the like of which this government could well do without.

    Best regards

  19. truthman30 Says:

    A farce it may be…
    But, to be honest, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that the conspiracy of silence about the Seroxat scandal may be purely because it is a can of worms of which neither the MHRA, GSK or the UK government is willing to open, because each one of them has their own vested interest and involvement in it, (neither of them want to be the first to admit accountabiliy or responsabilty)

    The Seroxat tragedy not only throws the medical proffession, the MHRA and GSK’s incompetence into question, it questions the very foundations of capitalism and the society we live in.. It is easier for those involved to pass it off as a farce, a cock up and incompetence and all they have done so far is scapegoat the other in order to pass the buck…

    But at the end of the day each faction( the MHRA , GSK and the UK government) is involved in the Biggest medical scandal of our times…( and you can bet that they know thats exactly what it is…) And since it is a medical scandal of such scale and massive proportions, It is much easier for them to create silence about it than to create noise… With all scandals, and certainly with scandals of such size and scale the initial response is always silence..The silence cant last forever though , something has to give… But, that said, it is good to see the truth being documented , even if it is just mainly on the internet..

  20. Matthew Holford Says:

    I think you’re right: nobody in officialdom comes out of this looking good. The warning signs, and God knows, there’s enough of them, have been there for a long time. However, that assumes that this lethargy is not motivated by something other than incompetence.

    Owing to the wealth and influence of GSK, it may have been easier to “pretend” that all the contradictory opinion was scaremongering, and to attach official support to the Company’s view of its own drug, thus lending it a level of credibility, which was arguable, at best. So, we’re moving away from disbelief that everybody who’s positioned to do something is lining up behind GSK (which would indicate incompetence or a lack of concern), and moving towards an alternative understanding of the facts, as we have them. That understanding centres on something rather more unpleasant, so unpleasant that people would prefer not to think about it: that those who were positioned to do something didn’t give two hoots about those who were suffering, through the use of this drug, because the financial rewards for taking this course were massive, and thus they deliberately obfuscated and span the available facts, and refused to address the alternative position, for fear of what it would reveal (or worse, they did address that alternative position, and went on to suppress it, anyway).

    Which brings us back to the petition. Response has been shite, let’s face it. To both petitions, in fact, even the more moderate one. I think we need to satisfy ourselves of the position, which has to involve us ticking all the boxes within the democratic process, in order to exert pressure. We know that most MPs don’t give a shit (mine doesn’t, anyway), but this is an approach, which should be exhausted, anyway. We also need to get the 100 signatures required to have those petitions looked at by Lord Blair of Kut al Mara, who also doesn’t give a shit, because he’s leaving office, soon, so in reality, we’re probably targeting Brown.

    So… we need to sign up to a bunch of forums, I suggest, and publicize the petitions. In the first instant, I suggest we preach to the converted, and gain critical mass on these things. We’ll worry about gaining a wider audience, if we need to.

    You already know how my views have been received on UKDF and Uncommon Knowledge. Do we know of any forums, which are populated by people more inclined to shout the odds?


  21. Matthew Holford Says:

    Just to avoid duplication, I’ve posted on SeroxatMad, advertising the two petitions in “General Chat”:



  22. Matthew Holford Says:

    Interestingly, and without notice, I’ve been put on pre-mod by Depression Forums (a forum I’ve posted on in a very minor way, although I did express some forthright views on Seroxat, on one thread!):


    So, I doubt my attempts to publicize the petitions will get on there!


  23. Matthew Holford Says:

    You’ll love this! I’ve just posted a request on the Aston Pharmacy Association forum:


    There is a thread on there, which suggests that there’s some support for the anti-Seroxat point of view. I love the idea that we can infiltrate the pharmaceutical industry, via the backdoor!


  24. truthman30 Says:

    The only way to spread awareness of these petitions is to spread links all over the internet, depression forums are a good place to start alright, but maybe it would be an idea to contact hugh james and ask them to pass it on to Seroxat withdrawal claimants?..

  25. Matthew Holford Says:

    I’ve no expertise in the area (of publicizing an issue), to be honest – hence my scattergun approach! truthman’s idea sounds like a good one. Even an appeal to SeroxatMad had no effect, although it’s not a heavily populated forum, it should be said.

    Is anybody on speaking terms with Hugh James?


  26. Matthew Holford Says:

    Well, I must confess myself disappointed. I note that Sally Milsom’s petition, requesting an investigation, has received significantly more support than mine, although frankly the response to both is pretty poor.

    I dunno, it just seems odd, given the amount of controversy, over this drug, that when given an opportunity to register one’s protest with the Prime Minister, so few people feel motivated to take the 30 secs out that are required. Ho hum.


  27. Andrew Says:

    I’ve been given Seroxat, 2take, but I was not given anything about if or not the med was dangerous or not, I’m currently taking Phenytonin for my epilepsy, Which is very well control’d, but I hope there is no reaction with taking Seroxat also, fingers cross’d, can any1 show light on this

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