Seroxat Secrets: “I really have to question the honesty and integrity of that website” – 2

I can’t let it lie – I just can’t!!

I took Jake’s advice and did a Google search: “Results 1 – 10 of about 284,000 for paroxetine and randomized controlled trials”.

284,000 hits – jeez, that’s a lot. Such a lot.

And do you know what?

Do you know who’s randomized controlled trials came out on top of these 284,000 hits?

Yep – you guessed, it’s our old friends Marty Keller and Neal Ryan with the ever popular Study 329!!!!

Now that is some coincidence isn’t it!

Jake – I did as you suggested, now I suggest you use this link here and this link here to find out the truth about Keller and Ryan and their trials.


9 Responses to “Seroxat Secrets: “I really have to question the honesty and integrity of that website” – 2”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:


    Trial 329 was conducted at the back end of the 90s, when GSK was trying to get approval for a label change, which you probably already knew. Along with 377, it failed to demonstrate efficacy, which GSK’s internal correspondence has recorded for us. I’ve put this to Jake, and await his response.


  2. truthman30 Says:

    The most startling and shocking thing about Study 329 is that GSK were pushing for a licence to prescribe Seroxat to under 18’s even though Study 377 Failed to demonstrate effictveness of efficacy(not to mention the dubious interpretation of Study 329 by academics closely linked financially to GSK). If it wasn’t for panorama, and the internet , GSK might possibly have gotten a licence to legally promote Seroxat to this age group. That said , their failure to warn physicians and psychiatrists not to prescribe it to this age group off- label has cost many young people their lives . It is truly despicable behaviour on the part of GSK.

    It is without doubt in my mind that Seroxat causes the same damaging effects in all ages groups across all demographics. How are the public expected to trust any of GSK’s products or drugs ? They have proven time and time again to be untrustworthy and disreputable. It is a disgrace how they are still allowed to operate at all. Is corporate manlaughter a part of company policy at GSK? ..

  3. Ian Says:

    These are some fine points to ponder. But what about for those of us who ARE helped by Paxil, for instance? What do you say to us who find no problems with the drug, and we who are sure it made a difference for us?

  4. admin Says:

    Ian – what I have to say to those of you who are helped by Seroxat (brand Paxil in the U.S.) is simply have a look at the facts – use this website and its links.

    NOWHERE on this site have I called for Seroxat to be banned..

    What I do say is it should no longer be prescribed by GPs. It should be a strictly controlled drug. ALL the facts regarding long term Seroxat use and withdrawal from it should be made public by Glaxo so that patients can make informed consent about their treatment.

    To you, I’d say there might be other treatments that could help you as much (or more) and harm you less.

    Ian – you’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. Matthew Holford Says:

    I’m confident that patients who claim success with Seroxat genuinely do improve with its use. However, I don’t think it should be forgotten that when the drug was trialled, those who took the placebo improved to an almost clinically identical degree.

    If one has success with Seroxat, I think it’s down to the placebo effect, and I think it would be more valuable to explore how that works, rather than to try to justify the continued use of Seroxat, which enjoys any reputation for efficacy that it may have on the recognized psychosomatic effect of a sugar pill, I think.


    Whilst I sympathise with your current situation… would you let your son/daughter take Paxil after seeing the ‘real’ clinical data that GSK hid for so many years?

    Paxil does help people – there is no denying that.. but it’s how it helps some of the people and how it can cause suicidal thoughts and aggression in some of the people that take it.

    If Heinz announced that there were 100,000 batches of soup that had been contaminated – they would no doubt do a product recall. GSK NEVER did this for Paxil.


  7. Ian Says:

    *sighs* I just don’t know what to think after reading your replies. I don’t need to know about other studies and/or results, OK? I just know that this particular drug works for ME. And by the way, it was not prescribed for me by a GP, it was given to me by my psychiatrist. And it has done wonders for me. I am Bipolar II, and before I went on Paxil, I was totally out of control. I have a true chemical imbalance in my brain, and Paxil is one of three drugs that I take to keep myself properly balanced. I have seen the results, and I have taken part in my own therapy long enough to know at least how to interpret what I am seeing. I am not an uneducated person, but neither am I a flack for the drug companies. I think for myself, and I know what works for me. For anyone else, I cannot and will not speak. That’s where I stand as of today. Were I to have to choose a world with Paxil or without Paxil, I choose a world WITH Paxil.

  8. admin Says:

    Ian – good luck and all the best.

  9. truthman30 Says:

    Hey Ian ..
    Just curious..
    How long are you on Paxil?..
    And also , What exactly is Bipoar II?…

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