Another petition at 10 Downing Street

This one is submitted by Sally Milsom.

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to carry out a thorough investigation into the drug trials regarding Paroxetine/Seroxat/Paxil.”

Whilst the BBC Panorama journalist Shelley Jofre’s passionate reporting of Seroxat/Paxil/Paroxetine is highly commendable, the British Government owes the users of this drug a thorough investigation into GlaxoSmithKline drug trial information.

The link is here.

This is all good, but I have to ask why I’m not seeing the same names on both petitions – we really need to get together if we’re going to win. We need a clear, strong focus and simple messages that all of us can sign up to. Our effort is being diffused.

Come on everyone – do a bit of digging on the internet and make contact – we will be a lot stronger if we’ve got one voice.


One Response to “Another petition at 10 Downing Street”

  1. Sally Says:

    Thank you for your support.

    I am grateful that you placed a link to my petition on your blog. Let’s hope that we can achieve something more towards finding out the truth behind the GSK drug trials.


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