Fiddaman polls MPs

Bob Fiddaman over at Seroxat Sufferers – stand up and be counted is on a roll at the moment.

A few days ago he emailed well over 100 Members of Parliament, asking them to read the information on his site and other sites doing the rounds on the internet.

He set the emails up with a ‘read request’, basically confirmation that the MPs had read the email.

Go to his Members of Parliament post here to find out what the responses have been so far…

What I love about today’s internet is the way that we (ordinary members of the public) are now empowered and able to do things like this.


10 Responses to “Fiddaman polls MPs”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    Yes, I ‘mailed 120-odd of the jobsworths. Two responded, saying that I wasn’t their constituent, so they couldn’t do anything, plus Stewart Hosie, whom I had mailed, separately. My own MP, Shailesh Vara, is the democratic equivalent of a chocolate fireguard – I understand that his interests, whatever they are, do not to coincide with mine, which tend to centre on human/civil rights issues. Either that, or he is not permitted to respond, owing to the possibility, real or imagined, of reprisals from within his party (Con (abbreviation deliberate)).

    “In a week or so I will be naming and shaming those Members of Parliament who deleted my mail without first reading it – I will aslo highlight the constituency they control.” per Bob’s article

    May I suggest that Bob cross references this list of constituencies with GSK sites? Anybody want to give me odds on there being a coincidence?

  2. Jeremy Says:


    I imagine that most UK MP’s are sick to the gills of hearing about just one drug brand. I believe that if the issue was widened to include all drugs in the SSRI/SNRI class that they might take more interest; if only because the issue had changed.

  3. admin Says:

    Ah, yes, but….

    …who was it that said wars are won one battle at a time?

    Mention Seroxat to a member of the UK public and you might, just might, get a flicker of recognition – because of Panorama and stories in the papers. Mention Efexor and you’d get less reaction – even though we know Efexor is probably the only one that is WORSE than Seroxat.

    I agree it’s a drug class problem – but some of us have already picked our fight. Have you tried widening the issue with the ‘great and the good’ – any useful feeedback?

  4. Jeremy Says:

    “…who was it that said wars are won one battle at a time? ”

    Well yes but & no; you see Roger that some battles are naught more than diversionery strikes.

    It is clear if one goes right back to the earliest interventions by CCHR & others say well over 10 years ago it becomes clear that the paxil/seroxat battle has diverted us away from the war that toxic psychiatry is ultimately life shortening.

    Maxing up one only one small (but important) agenda has I believe allowed the great & the good to assumn that the other drugs are safe. Like they can’t all be bad;

    err!! can’t they?

    And waht about the other treatments, say the physical treatments like ECT. Seems the public haven’t a clue that that barbarity is as widespread as it still is.

    “Have you tried widening the issue with the ‘great and the good’ – any useful feeedback? ”

    Well yes Roger I have and to some effect and have succesfully changed how an entire regional trust carries out ECT, a trust that now prescribes fish oils to all it’s depressed patients, a Trust that will soon be made ameanable in the High Courts for treatment abuse to patients, a Trust that is facing human rights case too.

    All of this without the aid of public relations companies feeding single issue “on message” messages to a media to lazy to listen to the big picture. A media that avidly reports the “diversionery strike” while the troops that have been in theatre for much longer slug it out in the trenches.

    The war could have better been progressed were it not for a fixation on a diversionery strike.


    read our archives

    read also the archives @

    learn about withdrawal & recovery @

  5. Matthew Holford Says:

    I agree. I think it’s possible to broaden the discussion, whilst still concentrating on Seroxat. There are any number of issues at stake here: the drug itself, the role of the regulator, accountability of democratically-elected representatives, legal issues, propriety of academic involvement in pharmo-sponsored, ghost-written analysis, and so on.

    If our MPs are bored with this, then perhaps they should get their thumbs out of their arses, and do something about it, such that they don’t have to hear from us, again?

  6. admin Says:

    Jeremy – all well and good…

    But tell me, why is what you’re doing any better or more noble than what I’m doing? That’s the subtext that comes over to me – am I wrong?

    Different battles, same fight. That’s what I see.

  7. RB Says:

    At the end of the day, We know now that ALL psychiactric drugs are brain damaging , from anti-psychotics such as Zyprexa and Risperdal to SSRI/SSNI’s such as Seroxat and Effexor. The Seroxat Scandal seems to have gotten more attention than the other poisons but all of them are just as damaging as each other.

  8. truthman30 Says:

    It is very difficult to bring all mental health/anti-pharma/anti-psychiatry/SSRI drug groups together. But I think unity is definately the key. There is no point in alienating each other due to the fact that one drug gets more medai attention than the other. Effexor is a terrible SSRI and possibly just as bad, if not worse than Seroxat. Just because Seroxat has been focused on much more in the mainstream media doesn’t mean that people such as myself or web sites which are focusing on a certain drug ( which has adversely affected them aand their lives ) are not interested. Thet said, It is up to individulas to bring awareness about which drug and which s have affected them. So there is nothing to stop people adversely affected by other SSRI’s or Anti-psychotics to create their own awareness , whether that be posting on the internet, setting up forums/petitions or blogs etc.

    Personally, I believe Seroxat to be the worst SSRI, but then again I have no direct experience with othee SSRI’s in which to draw comparissons. That said, bringing awareness to these issues is not about which is the worst or which has the most side effects, it is about seeking the truth whoich has been suppressed for so long by all pharmaceutical companies about all drugs of the SSRI/SSNI class. Petty Bickering about which one gets more attention is silly.

  9. truthman30 Says:

    And also a waste of time…

    ( ps. Quite a few typo errors in some of my posts sometimes, feel free to correct them mr moderator)

  10. admin Says:

    Well said T-Man. (Not the typo thing – the other thing!)

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