The FDA scandal

The MHRA in the UK and the FDA in America are supposed to be on the patients’ side and work to protect the public.

Today in the Boston Globe, there is a great piece about the inner workings (and failings) of the FDA. In Taking back the FDA, Marcia Angell writes:

“Before a prescription drug can be sold, the manufacturer must conduct clinical trials to prove to the FDA that the drug is safe and effective. Without that, doctors have no way of knowing how good or bad a drug is. Just trying it out would be not only risky, but unreliable, since individual experience can be misleading. The scrutiny that this agency exists to provide is vital to our health.

However, by the end of her article, Marcia concludes that:
“The FDA now behaves as though the pharmaceutical industry is its user, not the public”.

In just the same way that more and more people in the UK are calling for an independant review and overhaul of the MHRA, so the same is true of the FDA in America.

Taking back the FDA is well worth 5 minutes of your time.

This simply can’t be allowed to go on.


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