The Hansard Society & Glaxo

The Hansard Society has active support from all political parties for our work in promoting effective parliamentary democracy.

We are an independent and non-partisan educational charity working to stimulate knowledge of and interest in democracy through research, publications, influential seminars, online debate and deliberation, groundbreaking activities with young people and public meetings. Our work aims to strengthen parliament by encouraging greater accessibility and closer engagement with the public.

The Society was formed in 1944 to promote the ideals of parliamentary government when it was seen to be threatened by fascist and communist dictatorship. Its first subscribers were Churchill and Attlee, the then Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. From that time, the Prime Minister of the day and leaders of the main opposition parties have publicly supported the work of the Society and the Speaker of the House of Commons is our President”.

Given the aims and the history of the Society, it is a shame that one of its corporate sponsors is GlaxoSmithKline.

I’m sure regular readers of Seroxat Secrets will be aware of Glaxo’s attempts to undermine Parliamentary democracy when it was uncovered ‘warning off’ MPs in order to stop them signing critical Early Day Motions laid down by Paul Flynn MP.

The collected posts are here for your easy reference.

You might also like to look at Bob Fiddaman’s latest post on the Society and its Big Pharma sponsors.


4 Responses to “The Hansard Society & Glaxo”

  1. RB Says:

    GSK is not just a huge UK corporation..
    It is practically an English Institution …
    GSK has its tentacles of influence in every corridor of power, from the government, to the regualtors, to the psychiatrists, the universities, the medical students and the GP’s.
    The reason they have gotten away with the Seroxat Scam, is purely because they have so much power and influence at every level of the process. They can pay everybody off .And if they cant to do that they can scare, intimidate or threaten them into submission. Their arrogance and audacity speaks for itself. I think they actually believe they are above the law. And Im beginning to think that maybe they are? Would a foreign company get away with corporate manslaughter and fraud of such a massive scale on British Soil?… I think not…
    They need to be brought to book…
    But who will open the can of worms?…

  2. RB Says:

    Interesting also to note that on the Hansard Society Website :

    … “membership of our corporate supporter’s scheme is open to companies and organisations and involves an annual subscription of £1,000. Membership provides:

    • Free copies of our publications, including issues of the journal Parliamentary Affairs ;
    • Invitations to exclusive events including conferences, receptions, seminars, lectures, briefings and networking events held throughout the year;
    • The opportunity to contribute to and influence the public policy debate in the UK and beyond via input to our research and other activities, including first opportunity to be involved in partnerships on projects and programmes.”

    …Seems like the Hansard Society provides a portal and a gateway for Big Corporations such as GSK to get their foot into the Houses of Parliament…

  3. RB Says:

    Interesting that the hansard society is highlighted here…
    Also of interest could be the Wellcome trust…

  4. seroxat secrets… Top posts for May « Says:

    […] The Hansard Society & Glaxo […]

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