The retiring Charles Medawar!

I owe Charles Medawar a lot.

It was his book Medicines out of Control that opened my eyes and, in hindsight, helped me deal with my own prolonged withdrawal.

Through his website, Social Audit, I discovered that it wasn’t just me the MHRA was jerking around – there are many important questions being asked but the MHRA is not going to be the organisation to give us any answers.

He inspired me to do something – this is it.

Anyway there I was, happily working my through the latest update from Social Audit when my attention was taken by “No cards please”.

I’ll leave you to read it – but it does seem as though Charles is retiring from Social Audit.

I hope that his retirement plans do not include a bungalow near Bournemouth or a round the world cruise on the QE2.

What his plans actually are I do not know, but I trust they will involve the use of a computer and the internet… There’s too much left undone to stop now!

That’s it really – I’d just like to say thanks very much.

6 Responses to “The retiring Charles Medawar!”


    We owe him all a great deal. He set the stone and I for one shall live forever in his debt. Mr Medawar, I salute you.

    Bob Fiddaman

  2. CL Psy Says:

    Medawar has been far ahead of the so-called “thought leaders” in psychiatry for many years. I hope his activism and devotion to investigation continue for years to come, even if he is leaving Social Audit. I wonder how they plan on replacing him — big shoes to fill!

  3. RB Says:

    Much respect and thanks to Charles Medewar..
    One of the first to speak out and bring awareness to the Seroxat Fraud…
    For those who haven’t seen it, here is Charles Medewars recent thoughts on panoramas “Secrets of the drug trials”…

    In the words of Steph Gatchell…
    “what they have done is just despicable”…

  4. truthman30 Says:

    Interesting that Charles Medawars name sounds uncannily like Charles “Med War” … 😉

  5. seroxat secrets… Top posts for May « Says:

    […] The retiring Charles Medawar! […]

  6. Joana Golding Says:

    I did not know he retired.
    He did a lot. More than we know.
    Helped me a lot.
    But he is right. He needs to have a life.
    It’s too hard to fight all this war and see things going the same way.
    I’ll follow his steps once again.
    Thanks one more time Charles Medawar.

    Now I’m remembering he saying on the first Panorama:
    “With all this data you’ve research you must be out of the planet not to conclude that something is going wrong.”

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