A history of SSRIs

Over the years I have collected a few interesting documents and I think it’s just plain selfish to keep them to myself so I’m starting to share them with you.

The one for download here – A History of SSRIs is exactly what it says it is… a history of SSRIs.

You can read about the first SSRI – Zelmid – which was patented in 1972 and made it to market in 1982 before any of the others. I suppose not many of you remember Zelmid though as it was discovered in rare cases to cause a serious neurological disorder called Guillain-Barré Syndrome. This potentially fatal disorder led to the immediate removal of the drug from the market.

But Astra had already begun the development of a derivative of Zelmid, called alaproclate, when Zelmid ran into trouble. Alaproclate was being investigated for both depression and Alzheimer’s disease. But it caused liver problems in one strain of laboratory mice and this was enough to lead Astra to drop it. Shortly after this, Astra introduced an innovative antipsychotic, remoxipride, which looked like it would have significantly fewer side effects than older agents. Several months after its launch, however, remoxipride was reported to cause aplastic anemia in a small number of people and it too was withdrawn.

Notice a pattern here?

And did you know this about Prozac? As Eli Lilly were trying to launch Prozac in Germany they came up against a slight problem with the view of the German regulators on fluoxetine (Prozac) as of May 1984: “Considering the benefit and the risk, we think this preparation totally unsuitable for the treatment of depression”.

A History of SSRIs is an enlightening document – with a large section on Seroxat!


6 Responses to “A history of SSRIs”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    For a general history of Seroxat , and its links with Ferrosan, Neurosearch, and Jorgen Buss Lassen( said to be the Godfather of Seroxat) see my blog…Seroxat link 2 : GSK NeuroSearch Buss Lassen Seroxat

    What secrets lie in the labs of Ferrosan where Paroxetine was first developed as a compound?
    What secrets lie in the labs of Neurosearch , where Buss Lassen is now the president and CEO ,and where Neurosearch do their Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials in a deal to make GSK’s next generation of Brain-draining anti-depressants?..

    Check out my blog : http://truthman30.wordpress.com/

  2. Cindy Says:

    I’ve been doing research into the history and uses/side effects of SSRIs and it just boggles my mind that so much literature out there does not talk about the history…I suspect it has to do with the ”pattern” you speak of. Perhaps with too much literature on where it all began, this may make it too easy for consumers to actually make informed decsions about taking these medications.

  3. trlkly Says:

    Yeah, I don’t think people would be more informed by reading this. If you are writing an article about history, you’ve got to leave the judgments up to the audience.

    Though I guess it is nice that I found out right away the guy was against a medication that has been a lifesaver for me.

    • jj Says:

      Trikly, what might be a lifesaver for you actually has caused more suicides than any other drug in the history of human kind. Historians do not leave the judgments up to the audience (the victor paints himself positively just as the drug companies have snowed you) – you must never have read any history but then again the damage SSRIs do to your intelligence could be the cause of that but who cares! You’re happy screw the rest of the world! Every single school shooting in America up to this moment has been committed by a child on one of the SSRI’s. This is believed to be the result of the break down of the brain’s ability to manage frustrating emotions- basically SSRI’s suppress the part of the brain that makes you question things and solve problems like an adult (instant happy=no personal responsibility like a child which is what is being done to your brain) while promoting a personality switch to extrovert (makers of prozac recently admitted after 20 years of denial that prozac is in fact a personality modifier- it literally ‘murders’ an introvert personality- you know the kind of personality that is responsible for all science and forward progress). This causes the user to become more and more aggressive over time- probably why you were so angry and nasty when you discovered negative info about how you ignore the problems of the world so you can be happy. You don’t need personal responsibility, you don’t need to work the hard way through problems just take drugs! Steroids are another great drug for the physically lazy if you are that as well as mentally lazy check it out. If drugs are the answer tell me why we shouldn’t be passing out ecstasy (pharmacologically the same as prozac) to school children- oh yeah cause it causes brain damage. I am so glad it saved your life now you can encourage chemical lobotomies for everyone. Idiocracy here we come.

      • Mike Says:

        Idiocracy is already here and you are the messenger. From your tone, I think that you need a lobotomy. Although a chemical one may not be sufficient in your case. I wonder what rag you get your information from. Probably all kinds of blogs and then you pick out what agrees with your slanted opinions, then attack those who may have other experiences. It’s obvious that you have little ability to develop an original thought. You are truly a waste of time.

      • admin Says:

        Whoa there Mike – when was the last time you took an SSRI?

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