Glaxo confidential settlement agreement – USA

I’m not sure – are Glaxo admitting they’re settling Paxil (Seroxat) cases in the USA?

Well they are – this download – Glaxo settlement agreement – tells its own story, I guess. Pay particular attention to section 3 – Confidentiality of Settlement…

What I find ironic is that Glaxo, being an English company, is prepared to open its cheque book in America, but not in the UK.

So then Glaxo:

Why won’t you settle?

Why won’t you help the thousands of people in the UK who have suffered because of Seroxat?

Haven’t you made enough money from the drug?

Why are we having to slug it out with you in the High Court?


5 Responses to “Glaxo confidential settlement agreement – USA”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    Its a corporate Gag Order , which basically restrains the victim from talking to the media or posting on the internet about their Seroxat experience, the case or anything to do with the settlement. It has been an effective way of siliencing a lot of people for a long time. I know of one particular woman who had neurological damage from Paxil in America, and GSK gagged her from speaking out. Some gag orders vary in their severity. i am aware of another well known Paxil activist, who seems to have been silenced and who was offered a six figure sum , in the form of a gag order (of which i personally read- he linked it briefly online), and one of the conditions was he had to take down all his websites relating to Paxil and GSK. I am not sure if he took the settlement, no one seems to know what happened to him. He was one of the more vocal Paxil activists in the US. His name was Rob Robinson.

  2. truthman30 Says:

    Gone for now, but may not be gone forever… 😉

  3. Matthew Holford Says:


    I’m not sure how much litigation there’s been in the UK, if any. In the US, there’s been plenty, and there’s now a precedent: Schell. And there’s some lawyers who are now experienced at winning these cases, having learnt from previous losses.

    GSK ought to know that the prospect of winning in open court in the US is now diminished, and so it settles out of court, in secrecy, to minimize bad publicity. However, US law has only persuasive authority in the English courts (ie, previous US decisions do not have to be followed, under the Law of England and Wales), however peculiar that may sound. Because of this, it’s worth GSK continuing to argue about it, in the High Court.

    I can only write that I hope Hugh James is exchanging notes with Andy Vickery and Karen Menzies.


  4. seroxat secrets… Buying our silence « Says:

    […] suffering and harm you have experienced – you’re simply paid to go away and shut up. These agreements are all about protecting companies like Glaxo – rather than trying to help injured patients. And […]

  5. Suzanne Chapman Says:

    i have been on Seroxat for 7 years and cannot get off it, after all the problems in america with Seroxat can i travel to america on a 2 week holiday bringing my Seroxat with me from the U.K. with out any problems?

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