The Paxil Protest time machine

This is very, very exciting… my thanks to Phil Dawdy over at Furious Seasons.

He’s shown me a way to travel back through time! No really, I mean it!

I don’t mean back to the flares and platform shoes of 1973, but I do mean back to the heyday of a great website known as Paxil Protest.

It did what it said on the tin, protesting about all things Paxil and Glaxo related.

It was a great site, a fantastic resource with thousands of links. But then one day it wasn’t there any more. It just disappeared. It looked like Glaxo had won the battle.

But this is the internet we’re talking about – go to and in the middle of the page you’ll see the waybackmachine – just type “” in the box and then click on the Take Me Back button.

When you get your search results I suggest you look at the last version of the website – May 19 2006… most of it seems to be there – or here – well, wherever, it’s somewhere Glaxo doesn’t want it to be!!

Just take a trip – back through time and enjoy.


15 Responses to “The Paxil Protest time machine”


    Thanks for this. Would it be plagarism to run this site from another server?


  2. truthman30 Says:

    Plagerism doesnt come into it when you dealing with a subject as serious as Seroxat…
    That said, it is great to see Rob Robinsons Great Paxil awareness work still accessable to the public… Just like it should be..


    More sleepless nights for messrs Hudson, Woods, Breckenridge and Benbow

  4. truthman30 Says:

    The guilt of those who perpretrated the Seroxat Scandal will never come close to the suffering of those who were unwillingly subjected to the torture of Seroxat Withdrawal, Seroxat Suicide or Seroxat Side effects…

  5. allotmentjunkies Says:

    Hey guys – you two are a role – keep up the good work! thank you so much for the link! keener

  6. friend Says:

    paxil damn near killed me. bad stuff. everyone i know who’s taken it has had everything from really dodgy results to evil side effects.

  7. truthman30 Says:

    Everyone I’ve ever met who has taken Seroxat has nothing but negative things to say about it , And I’ve met many in person and on the net, its poisonous , and its lethal….

  8. shutah Says:

    I’ve barely scratched the surface on the information contained in this posting – it looks as though I’ll have many hours of interesting reading ahead. Many many thanks for alerting us all to this. I’ve emailed the link to Hugh James in Cardiff, just in case their team hasn’t had the opportunity to read some of the history behind Seroxat!!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work on behalf of all of us.

  9. truthman30 Says:

    The history behind Seroxat Is just about as dubious and sinister as everything else about Seroxat…
    But makes for interesting reading nonetheless..

    It would be interesting if Hugh James could request some info from Buss Ladden and Neurosearch… What secret flles do they have on paroxetine ?…

  10. truthman30 Says:

    Sorry did I say Buss Ladden ( definately a freudian slip there)..
    I meant to say Buss Lassen ( the godfather of paroxetine)…

  11. Sunday 3 March 2007 « SALLYBATHOME - SEROXAT WEBLOG Says:

    […] The Paxil Protest time machine […]

  12. nick chowanski Says:

    in the land of hope and glory i,e the United Kingdom: After having to fight to secure public funding from the Legal Assistance Board, to take legal action against GSK regarding seroxat, the solicitor handling the action (Hugh James) informs me that GSK will only consider claims for withdrawl symptoms and side effects, but will not consider deaths or suicides. My wife died I believe due to seroxat. Therefore the solicitor has decided it would not be feasable to pursue my late wife’s case as the chances of success are slim. So not only did i loose my partner, and suffer a family breakdown. I now find that I cannot even get a fair hearing. The solictor did inform me that I could privately fund action, but it would cost around £250,000. Yeah right as if we have that sort of cash lying about.
    freedom democracy and justice, meaningless empty words unless you have the money to buy them.

  13. truthman30 Says:

    That is heart breaking Nick , very sad and so unjust.

    Maybe it would be an idea to begin a group action with others who may have lost loved ones due to Seroxat induced suicide?
    I am not sure how you would go about it, but maybe it could be an option? ( in situations like this it seems there is strength in numbers). I am terribly sorry for your loss and your situation, I was on Seroxat myself at one time, it is a horrendous drug and the suicidal thoughts it induces are very very real. The drug companies who make SSRI medications know it is difficult to prove that the drug caused the suicide because the people prescribed Seroxat are often depressed anyway, and they also know that any legal battle would be like david against goliath. They have made their billions, that’s all they care about. I hope some day you get justice. I sincerely do.

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