David Healy – SSRIs & withdrawal/dependence 2003

Another PDF for download here – David Healy briefing paper – this is from 2003 and is an overview of SSRI withdrawal and dependence, written in as thorough and rational a way as you could ever wish for:

“Dependence on and withdrawal from anitdepressants has been recognised since the early 1960s.

The withdrawal syndrome complicates the evaluation of patients after drug discontinuation since both patients and physicians often interpret the onset of symptoms as an upsurge of “anxiety” related to incipient relapse, and resume treatment with the gratifying subsidence of the “anxiety”. This may cause both patients and physicians to overvalue the importance of the medication to the patient’s stability” (Kramer et al 1961).

Therapeutic drug dependence or normal dose dependence needs to be distinguished from drug dependence of the sort caused by opiates and amphetamines.

Companies have not been required to test their drugs for therapeutic drug dependence prior to marketing.

In the case of the SSRIs it would seem that therapeutic drug dependence has been used as a means to claim prophylactic efficacy for these drugs”.

You really must download this one.


One Response to “David Healy – SSRIs & withdrawal/dependence 2003”

  1. sylvia Says:

    please could someone help me about gsk because i am on serox tablets and i been on them for 15 years

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