Michael Moore describes Eli Lilly’s “criminal act”

Dr Ann Blake Tracy’s website has a great many interesting items on it – none more so than the update on the Columbine school shooting in 1999.

Before you read the article I suggest you pause and watch Michael Moore and hear what he has to say about Eli Lilly and Prozac…

Then maybe you can use this link to SSRI stories and look at the ever growing list of incidents which have connections to SSRI use.

I wonder exactly what Michael Moore’s new film, Sicko (June 2007) is going to be about?


5 Responses to “Michael Moore describes Eli Lilly’s “criminal act””

  1. truthman30 Says:

    Pharmaceutical companies?…
    Criminal acts…?


    Looks like my blog has been spied on by Market360…


  2. truthman30 Says:

    yes big brother… Im watching you.. Watching me…

  3. truthman30 Says:


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    Interesting…. ?
    I think so…

  4. truthman30 Says:

    Looks like the “firm” Market360/Biz 360 tracks blogs for big corporations…


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  5. seroxat secrets… The Drugging of our Children « Says:

    […] Michael Moore describes Eli Lilly’s “criminal act” […]

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