Zyprexa marketing practices… now it’s 7 states to sue Eli Lilly

Bloomberg News reports that Montana is the 7th state to file suit against Eli Lilly for its Zyprexa marketing practices. The other states are: Pennsylvania, Louisiana, West Virginia, Alaska, New Mexico and Mississippi. More than twenty are investigating.

According to the complaint filed on March 7 by Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath, “Lilly allegedly gave kickbacks to doctors and improperly promoted the drug to nursing homes as a sedative.” He claimed Lilly, the world’s biggest maker of psychiatric drugs, bought off a “disgruntled” sales director to keep him from disclosing its marketing practices. According to the complaint, Lilly “instructed its representatives to minimize and misrepresent the dangers of Zyprexa, affirmatively and consciously placing company profits above the public safety. This failure to warn was designed and intended to maximize company profits.”

The Montana suit charges: “Lilly management participated, encouraged and authorized the unlawful payment of illegal kickbacks to physicians in order to continue generating sales of Zyprexa.”

The state seeks “all funds spent by Montana or its citizens on Zyprexa since its launch in 1996, treble damages and attorneys’ fees.”

The entire article can be read here.

Thanks to the AHRP for this item.


5 Responses to “Zyprexa marketing practices… now it’s 7 states to sue Eli Lilly”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    I’m confused. I thought Zyprexa was supposed to lift mood, not sedate. Christ, I wish I could keep up with all these new developments.


  2. Matthew Holford Says:

    “Both states [Pensylvania and Montana] seek unspecified reimbursement for money paid on prescriptions and any harm caused by Zyprexa.”

    Now, I am interested in this, because I’d quite like GSK to reimburse the UK taxpayer, for all the cash it’s pocketed by charging the NHS, down the years, for Seroxat. Mind you, I’m interested to see also that the Eli is being sued, not prosecuted. Fraud’s a criminal offence: it’s a specific form of theft, where one lies to get money, basically. I don’t understand these civil suits, which seems to be how this is getting handled, in the US, where the state has a gripe with a company.


  3. Matt Says:

    Just come across this blog – thanks for the effort in exposing the dire actions of these money hungry imbeciles.

    Pre-roll: Paranoid Schizophrenic, 18yrs old, diagnosed at 15, Priory and NHS dives attended, Early Intervention Service closed to ‘improve services’, pushed on every med in the universe.

    Matthew Holford: When I was given Olanzapine, it was most certainly sedating in nature (YMMV of course).

    Author/All: You just have to walk into a MH clinic, or even the GP office, to see who’s in who’s pocket. Look at their pen, notepad, folder, even the blinking clock! Logos. Logos. Logos. And, coincidently, more often than not it is Zyprexa.

    The unbelievable attitude of these corporations shivers my core. I now take nothing (prescribed Chlorpromazine as a PRN – they told me it was a ‘mild anti-anxiety’. They seem to forget patients, especially with previous admissions, delight in discussing names of meds and I of course called him on his BS). I do not recommend it as I am no doctor – but one quote from one decent psychiatrist I remember is:

    “The patient is their own best doctor.”

    Again, not suggesting to stop taking anything. Just be aware..

    I’m positive-symptom free and have been for 1yr. Negatives are creeping in though..

    Sorry to waffle, just couldn’t find an e-mail address to send to 🙂 Hope all is well. Thanks, Matt.

  4. admin Says:

    Nice to ‘meet’ you Matt.

    Thanks for your kind words. I agree with you… I never suggest anyone should taking their meds, but I’m trying to make people aware so that they can make informed consent to their treatment in the truest sense of the phrase.

    The way drugs are marketed (and licensed) simply doesn’t allow us to give that all important informed consent. It is shocking to find out the truth about this.

    Hope you can keep those negatives at bay – and keep looking in.

    All the best.


  5. max Says:

    listen why i’m searching info about zyprexa.9years ago i went in depression and my psychiatrist gave me zoloft for 5 months then i felt better and i stopped .3 years ago then i had another problem caused by cocaine that ruined my nose and made my nose muscle became atrophy i went to another psychiatrist and he told me it was psycosomatic and that i was depressed and he gave me zyprexa i told him look i have been already depressed and another psychiatrist gave me zoloft and it worked for me but he said me take zyprexa.then my step brother (not blood related) started feeling depressed and has been diagnosed bipolar the same psychiatrist gave him zyprexa.after 1 years i wasn’t feeling better and went to the psychiatrist asking for zoloft wich is more for depression.then reading on the eli lilly website i noted that even if they market it for depression it is primarly for skizofrenia and bipolar disorder which i dont have and then i was wondering why me and my step brother are taking the same medicine we are not blood related and dont have the same problem he is bipolar i’m only depressed.i was wondering does he give zyprexa to all patients he has????no i read“Lilly management participated, encouraged and authorized the unlawful payment of illegal kickbacks to physicians in order to continue generating sales of Zyprexa.”

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