Seroxat comic

Well I suppose it had to happen – if a picture is worth a thousand words then how powerful is a simple 4 page comic?

This has just been sent to me and I hope all the links work – regular readers will know I’m not one for using images on Seroxat Secrets… one thing that struck me was how much JP Garnier looks like Monty Burns on page 4!

Click on the pages and enjoy – and remember, it’s just a little bit of fun…

page 1 page_2.jpg page_3.jpg page_4.jpg


5 Responses to “Seroxat comic”


    Someone needs to print these and send them along to GSK and the MHRA. Brilliant!


  2. truthman30 Says:

    Funny as I used to compare Rob Robinson to Batman … 😉

  3. bux Says:

    these are classics,
    i knew we would have the last laugh one day,look forward to next weeks issue lmao

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