Well, the MHRA did invite comments…!

I think you should have a look here at Bob Fiddaman’s comments to the MHRA…

It’s quite a long post, as he has quite a lot to say!

Bob finishes up with:

I doubt very much if my comments will be taken on board because the MHRA, it seems, refuse to accept negativity. Such is the power of the internet though, these comments WILL be posted if no feedback is recieved. The public have a right to know. If the MHRA continue down the path they are going then the Patient support groups will get louder and louder.

There is a cancer running right through the Medicines Regulator – this cancer, however, is treatable – if it goes untreated it will be the demise of you. Remove members from the agency who have close ties with Pharma. Investigate (impartially and independently) every patient report. Set up a team to read patient support groups and to work with them and NOT against them and act with immediate effect when evidence comes to light that a manufaturer has been lying to you.


One Response to “Well, the MHRA did invite comments…!”

  1. Matthew Holford Says:

    I imagine that Bob and I aren’t the only ones to provide the MHRA with the benefit of our understanding of the situation. However, in my experience, what tends to happen in such circumstances (ie, where a party under pressure asks for opinion) is that what it really wants to know is how it can avoid further criticism, and moreover, close off the avenue of criticism, which has allowed somebody to embarass them into making this pretence at openness, in the first place.

    To the likes of you or me, that would mean sorting out the system, such that it actually did what it said it did (ie, regulate pharmaceuticals, as part of improving and maintaining the health of the nation). However, we are assuming that the only reason that the MHRA is shit at its job is because it’s incompetent, which is, nevertheless, still a possibility. Now, if the reason it hasn’t been doing its job is because the people in the positions that count within the organization are too busy filling their boots, such that doing what they’re paid to do actually becomes subservient to the operation of filling their boots, then it follows that while that motivation still holds an attraction, any input from the likes of you and I is going to be acted on only to the extent that the MHRA, and other interested parties, will now understand what it is that they have to do to cover their tracks better.

    What this approach won’t achieve however, is better drugs, and if the “fill your boots” mindset is the one that continues to hold sway, then more shit drugs will be the result, although we’ll continue to be told, by these snake oil salesmen, that any drug carries a risk, and that while we continue to drop dead consequent to using pharmaceuticals, we should understand that that is only inevitable, and in fact what this mortality rate indicates is that the drug is behaving exactly as one might have anticipated.

    In fact, should anybody ever come up with a cure for the common cold, which causes one in a thousand to drop down dead, we’ll no doubt be told that this is the price of progress, and price worth paying, too. Somewhere, at the top of this particular food chain is somebody, who while they may not choose to put their thought process in those terms, probably believes this to be correct. That must be true, or somebody would be doing something about the present state of affairs, because nobody is so stupid as to think that what’s being done now actually works, are they?


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