Ghostwriters in the Sky – 3

So it seems that Matt has emailed another of Glaxo’s tame ‘scientists’…

From: Matthew Holford
Subject: European Neuropsychopharmacology
Date: 1 April 2007 16:31:06 BDT

Dear Dr Dunner,

I have had occasion to write to Drs Keller and Ryan… concerning an analysis, to which they put their names, along with Dr Karen Wagner. I think you will be familiar with the controversy, concerning the “ghostwriting” of academic articles, and felt inclined to clarify for myself the extent to which you felt that the drug contributed to alleviating the symptoms of depression, and indeed, why you held this view. Presumably you would have no other reason for putting your name to an article (in this case, the March, 1995 issue of the abovenamed journal) in support of any drug, aside from a firmly held conviction, as to its efficacy and safety, I imagine.

In essence, I think the key elements of my note to Drs Keller and Ryan apply to your own position, and if you felt able to address yourself to the questions put in the last paragraph, that would assist me greatly.

Best regards

Matthew Holford


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