More on Cymbalta marketing

CL Pysch writes; “According to Bloomberg, Lilly is planning to ramp up marketing of Cymbalta and Zyprexa.”

On the Pharma Marketing Blog, we learn a little more from John Mack about the way Lilly is marketing off-label use of Cymbalta in the USA; “Recasting depression’s association with “vague aches and pains of varying degrees of severity” into “Depression Hurts” is a stretch in my opinion. Also, I am at a loss as to how “vague aches and pains” fall under the approved labeling for diabetic neuropathic pain. It seems to me that the Depression Hurts campaign smacks of off-label promotion.” If anyone knows about Pharma marketing, it’s John Mack.

So at least we’re clear then – as I said previously in National Depression Week 2005 and the launch of Cymbalta in the UK – that’s the link Lilly wants made; Cymbalta/depression/aches and pains.

Interesting that this week, we in the UK are enjoying Depression Alliance’s annual National Depression Awareness Week. Once again, the campaign (and the research it is based on) was developed in partnership with and funded by Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingleheim – yes, you guessed it, the makers of Cymbalta.

Prizes then, to the first ten people who can spot any references to the fact that all too often a broad range of “chronic painful conditions” and “aches and pains” are associated with depression!

Keep an eye out in press releases, newspaper articles and TV & radio interviews.

Call me an old cynic if you must – but Lilly have drugs to sell. That’s their business.


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    […] follow up May 12th, 2007 — admin I’ve written previously about the launch and on-going marketing campaign for Cymbalta and the links that Lilly are keen to establish – recasting depression’s association with “vague […]

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