Virginia Tech massacre link with antidepressants?

I have to stress that we don’t know anything for certain yet… but already some news sources in the USA are linking yesterday’s massacre at Virginia tech with anti depressants.

This from

“Investigators believe Cho at some point had been taking medication for depression. They are examining Cho’s computer for more evidence.”

It’s early days yet and as I said we simply don’t know all the facts yet, but take a look over at SSRI Stories and you’ll see why some people think the link is all too probable.

On her website, Dr Ann Blake Tracy writes today:

As all of you would have expected . . . it would not be long before we found out what the shooter was taking. And it has just been released by the media that he was taking antidepressants and having serious reactions to them that we are used to seeing like starting a fire in his dorm, a long rambling letter describing grievances – a particular dislike for the rich.

We already had several clues of antidepressant-induced automatic behaviors such as REM Sleep Disorder: the time of day being early morning for this incident and the calm demeanor of the shooter. We also have the antidepressant-induced manic behaviors: fire starting, violent and aberrant behavior & rambling letters of complaints. We have antidepressant induced Autisic behaviors of not socializing, being a loner. Stalking. False allegations of abuse. Too many things were beginning to add up especially for all of us who are aware of these reactions that I document in my book.”

I wonder how many more tragedies like this we will have to witness before people start to listen to what we’re saying?


3 Responses to “Virginia Tech massacre link with antidepressants?”

  1. truthman30 Says:

    The link between these school shooting killing sprees and meds such as Seroxat/Paxil has long been known in the underground media ( the internet ) .. Michael Moore also talked of it around the time he made “Bowling for Columbine”…
    I wonder when Moore’s new movie about the bad deeds of the pharma industry( “Sicko” ) is coming out..?
    I heard it might be this summer…
    I have a hunch that GSK/Paxil will play a major part…
    Most of the mainstream media is controlled by big corporations , I use the net now as my only true and reliable news source…
    The fact of the matter is , depressed people do not go on murderous rampages… But depressed people on SSRI drugs like Seroxat do…
    The connection between SSRI’s causing hostility , aggression and violence is a well known fact now…
    Suicides on SSRI’s are always of a violent nature too..
    While suicide cases not on SSRI’s usually aren’t…
    The drug comapnies know this..
    They just don’t want the public to know…

  2. Matthew Holford Says:

    Nice of Dr Tracy to plug a book, while she was opining, particularly as none of us actually know if the guy was on SSRIs. Talk about opportunistic.


  3. Joana Golding Says:

    I don’t understand what happened with this drugawareness site.
    Some years ago it has many testimonies about people on SSRIs. The last time I’ve visited I felt as if I was entering a church devoted to Dr Tracy.
    Take a look at what you have to buy there.
    I believe that it became quite opportunistic.

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