“Vile pills that could pull the trigger at a British school, too.”

Thanks to Ruth for alerting me to this.

It’s rare that I find myself agreeing with what’s been written in the Daly mail or the Mail on Sunday, but there’s always a first time I guess. The columnist Peter Hitchens wrote this piece yesterday:

“…True, guns make it easier for a deranged person to kill a lot of people.

But in countries with strict laws, illegal guns tend to be easily available to bad or unhinged people.

Also take note of this: the Virginia Tech killer is reported to have been on ‘prescription medication’ for ‘depression’.

So was Jeff Weise, the culprit of the Red Lake shootings in Minnesota in May 2005.

So were the authors of several other such incidents, including Eric Harris, one of the murderers in the notorious Columbine shootings of April 1999, and 15-year-old Kip Kinkel, who slaughtered his parents and two schoolmates in Oregon in 1998.

These are the ones we know about. I suspect that these half understood drugs may have been involved in a lot more such incidents.

There are some suggestions that pills given to young people accused of having the fictitious ‘disease’ ADHD may also have been involved.

If this is so, then it will not be long before the same horrible events start happening with much greater frequency in British schools and campuses, where the same drugs are increasingly prescribed, where the same liquid manure is pumped into young minds by TV and computer screens, and where illegal weapons are, daily, easier to obtain.”


One Response to ““Vile pills that could pull the trigger at a British school, too.””

  1. squirrel Says:

    Americans have had access to guns for many many years. These terrible mindless massacres have only occured in the last decade.Just about the same time as these mind altering pills were being handed out like sweets!

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